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 Shane Battier - “We haven't been a very good team this year when major guys are missing from the other team. They don't keep statistics for that but I know we haven't been very good.”
 Shane Battier - “They have very good players.”
 Shane Battier - “We didn't have guys like that before, that can look at you and tell you what it takes to get over the hump. I mean, when these guys tell you something, they're speaking from experience. And that means a lot at this time of the year.”
 Shane Battier - “They have always had one of the most talented teams in the league, and they're starting to put it all together now. You can't turn the ball over 19 times in Arco Arena and give up 20 offensive rebounds and expect to win. We shot the ball well, but made all of the other mental mistakes.”
 Shane Battier - “I thought we played good enough to win, but Elton willed them to victory.”
 Shane Battier - “He was a motor-boating son of a gun. He was really going, and it was fun for all of us to watch.”
 Shane Battier - “A wise man once said that the further you get away from the game, the easier the game becomes. That's probably the truest statement in professional sports.”
 Shane Battier - “We feel good about ourselves. We feel that we have played well in April, which has not been the case the last two years.”
 Shane Battier - “I think people really didn't know what to think of me. A couple of kids stood about 5 feet from me and looked at me like I was some kind of statue. A lot of people took pictures with their cell phones. I'm like, 'I'm just hanging with you guys.' It was a mellow scene.”
 Shane Battier - “Pau is doing a great job. He's carrying the team and had a huge night.”
 Shane Battier - “They did a good job of using that as motivation. I think we let up a little bit and didn't take advantage of having their best player out of the game.”
 Shane Battier - “This was probably the toughest game of the year. We're proud of ourselves. We could have packed it in when they made a run and just said 'we're going to lose this one.' But good teams don't make excuses. They find ways, and we want to keep this thing rolling.”
 Shane Battier - “Mike has consistently been our second best player behind Pau. He has been fun to watch and fun to play with. He put together a complete season, and Im glad he got rewarded for it.”
 Shane Battier - “We haven't won that way all year long. They're scoring way too many points in the first half. We've done a much better job in the second half but we're tired of saying that. We need to come out and play with more intensity from the start.”
 Shane Battier - “We have played well in April (8-1). That hasn't been the case in the last two years. The main focus has been to play well and go into the playoffs with some momentum. Obviously, Dallas is playing good as well. It's a big challenge, but it's a challenge that should be fun.”
 Shane Battier - “We're playing to win. I've always been of the mind-frame that you've got to play.”
 Shane Battier - “We showed our maturity. We didn't play our best first half and yet we were up a point. We executed better in the second half. Execution is about making plays.”
 Shane Battier - “It's one thing to play well on a bad team. But it's better to play well on a good team. You have to be a vital cog (to be considered) and Mike is.”
 Shane Battier - “They did a good job of using it (Garnett's ejection) as motivation to play harder. And we let up a bit. We didn't do a good job of taking advantage of their best player being out.”
 Shane Battier - “Once he's been around the block one time, he'll figure out how guys play. He's doing that in the second half of the season and that means you can put him in more situations.”
 Shane Battier - “It's just one of those games you play in late February. It was a slow, ugly, nasty, nasty game for a long time. ... You just can't turn the ball over 24 times and expect to beat the world champions.”
 Shane Battier - “Every year is independent. What we did in the past doesn't come in our minds. Obviously, we like to taste a playoff victory this year, but it's not something we go to sleep at night dwelling on or lighting vigils for.”
 Shane Battier - “The last time I checked the dictionary where it said evacuate, it didn't mean sit on a bus under the building. It means go outside.”
 Shane Battier - “Last time I looked in the dictionary for 'evacuate' it doesn't mean sitting in bus under the arena. So I left. I went outside. I wasn't going to hang around and wait. I got in a little trouble. I'm sorry for any breach of protocol with security.”
 Shane Battier - “It's always good to have one of these games before a day off. We ran the floor well and our defense made them have to take some tough shots.”

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