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 Joseph Battipaglia - “I think gold is not the right place to be right now. The dollar and U.S. Treasuries are now the safety valves.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “I think gold is not the right place to be right now, ... The dollar and U.S. Treasuries are now the safety valves.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “It's a good start to the quarter, ... We're at the lower end of the recent trading range, so there's probably more room to gain.”
 Joe Battipaglia - “Picking your own stocks is like trying to diagnose your health yourself.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “Lower interest rates increase discount financing for consumers. Also, the Republican sweep of the Senate and the House last week is construed as a positive because it's also seen as a win for market-friendly fiscal policy ,”
 Joe Battipaglia - “When the U.S. Treasury steps forward and the IMF steps forward to replace the flight of capital, there will be no need for the Brazilians to raise interest rates.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “The big-cap technology leaders are doing reasonably well, ... I still believe technology companies will provide leadership. They will be followed alongside by pharmaceuticals and financials.”
 Joe Battipaglia - “Since May of last year, most investors have not enjoyed the fruits of a rising market. What I've got to see is smaller-cap, mid-cap and technologies start to take leadership Only then will I be happy that the market has carried on in a bull phase.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “My guess is you're going to get back into this sort of stutter-step approach to the market. Clearly the leadership here has stalled after the run-up from the October lows.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “But if you step back, it seems to me that we're still in the trading range we've been in for some time. There's still the push and pull between rising earnings and rising interest rates.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “It's still a situation where fundamentals are decent, but the pressure of the continuing high oil prices and a profit surprise, like HP today, persist,”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “The bond market still believes that the Fed is an inflation fighter, the bond market still believes that there really isn't inflation today, and they applaud the moves by the Fed to be ready for future,”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “I'd say we're doing very well, all things considered, ... Clearly, there is more money available out there, when even sectors that are fairly stretched, like tech and banks, are doing well today.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “Investors have come to understand that the progress in the war on terrorism will influence the economy in 2002.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “The devil's in the details. The key deadline for Iraq is Dec. 8, when it will have to come clean about what they have by means of weapons of mass destruction. It remains to be seen whether the United States and the U.N. are satisfied with those explanations.”
 Joe Battipaglia - “This demonstrates that the market does have risk. It demonstrates that it's not totally euphoric and there are things to worry about.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “I don't see them getting much worse than 6-14 percent on the long end, ... The overall bond market is not completely convinced that we're going to see meaningful higher interest rates. Something is going to give here, and my sense is that the Fed is not going beyond this second cut.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “I'd have to see some significant production cuts and some pain from the producers before I would even take a nibble at it.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “This earnings season, instead of getting a ripple effect on positive news, you're seeing that particular company's stock react, but very little spillover, like with IBM today. The negative news has tended to spill over to the rest of that sector, and in some cases, the broader market.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “We continue to be in this trading range, at the lower end right now, ... The only catalysts that can get us out of here in the next few weeks is some relief at the pump, lower oil prices and news about how much the Fed is going to raise rates.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “I think the good news is that the current quarter is OK, and the challenge is going to be what comes next,”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “I think it is a quarter of a point move up, but a neutral stance by the Fed, opening up the way I think for a big rally for the rest of the year,”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “Whenever companies come out with warnings, it reminds investors about the perilous nature of the earnings environment at the moment,”
 Joe Battipaglia - “Any losses you took in 2005, that was then. Don't try to make up for last year's losses by getting more aggressive.”
 Joseph Battipaglia - “The positive tone has more to do with the economic data that showed some signs of life in the economy. We've got through the Enron debacle and some selling that represented investors looking to lock in profits earlier on. Now we're starting to get a serious picture of what next year looks like, and it's probably the first serious step toward an upward move in the market.”

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