My Favorite Quotes
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 Sarah Batty - “They're good doubles players. They've been playing their whole lives together.”
 Sarah Batty - “We've played a lot of ranked teams and we compete well against them, so it really wasn't a surprise. It was a good win for us.”
 Mark Batty - “Despite rising rates and competitive products elsewhere, such as money market funds, Wells Fargo posted strong deposit growth.”
 Mark Batty - “Clearly, Wells Fargo is one of the better-positioned banks. It is in growth markets, has strong asset quality and profitability metrics and its valuation appears reasonable.”
 Sarah Batty - “We knew Michigan would be tough. I thought we competed well, there were just a few points here and there that made the difference.”
 Sarah Batty - “I thought I could take her in singles. I took a few chances here and there, but she's a good player.”
 Mark Batty - “The bankruptcy issue is a one-time situation. Commercial and industrial loan growth was fairly strong and should be the key driver of earnings growth this year for the regional banks.”
 Richard Batty - “The price of oil deflated by the U.S. consumer price index would have to be above 110 a barrel to match the prices seen in the early 1980s. So say 55 a barrel today would be the equivalent in real terms to a price of less than 20 in the early 1980s.”
 Richard Batty - “The wall of worry has continually been climbed by investors.”
 Mark Batty - “There are areas of weakness. It seems growth is difficult for banks, which I would attribute to a flat yield curve and higher funding costs.”
 Mark Batty - “The yield-curve flattening has certainly been challenging for banks. The winners and losers will be decided on how well they can generate revenues faster than expenses are growing.”
 Mark Batty - “We currently have over 500,000 unique monthly users across our sites and the number just keeps growing.”
 Sarah Batty - “I think our team has been closer this year than in years past. You're around these people all the time, so it makes everything a lot more enjoyable.”
 Mark Batty - “People are worried about possible net interest margin compression and credit quality deterioration, as well as slowing consumer loan growth.”
 Mark Batty - “The numbers looked good. American Express is benefiting from the longer-term trend of consumers and small businesses switching from cash and checks to credit cards.”
 Mark Batty - “Commercial and industrial loans are growing at a double- digit pace and that's indicative of a fairly strong economy. That, coupled with stable credit quality, has been a positive for banks that focus on small and middle-market businesses.”
 Mark Batty - “Results so far are consistent with strength in capital markets. There is significant strength overseas, and volatility in interest rates and commodities is presenting attractive opportunities for trading.”
 Mark Batty - “The wind is at their back in many of their businesses. We're seeing out of the investment banks good capital markets business.”
 Mark Batty - “The institutional business is very competitive. If you don't have meaningful scale, it's hard to compete.”
 Mark Batty - “In some markets we're seeing reasonably strong deposit growth and pretty much across the board, commercial and industrial, middle-market business loans are fairly robust. It's a sign the economy remains fairly strong.”
 Mark Batty - “Wells Fargo looks good. It had strong loan growth, credit quality remains stable, and the mortgage business looks robust despite higher interest rates.”
 Richard Batty - “If the oil price moves up, companies will be cutting back on labor costs. Corporate behavior and individual behavior seem to be a lot different.”
 Mark Batty - “The question for Chuck Prince is, Can he grow the bank”
 Mark Batty - “About 90 percent of our revenue comes from online advertising,”