My Favorite Quotes
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 Rick Baughman - “Last year we were all really concerned about his health. He always wanted to know if he could do anything. But then he bounced back and was there for the kids this year.”
 Rick Baughman - “He was a really good assistant coach on our staff and he's going to do just fine. He doesn't need any words of wisdom. I'm excited for the kids that they'll be a part of the continuing Cathedral City tradition.”
 Rick Baughman - “The kids look forward to hearing from him. He just spoke at our awards night, and you could hear a pin drop. The kids know there's something special there.”
 Rob Baughman - “Both of them were throwing well, and they were throwing strikes. They hit their spots, and they don't make any mistakes. When you only have two hits you're not going to beat a good team.”
 Rick Baughman - “They really did a good job of bottling up Martel in the first half, but we do have a lot of weapons if you do. Our defense made adjustments and came to like after a couple of roughing the passer penalties, but those are first game mistakes.”
 Rob Baughman - “On 2020 they had a thing about some high school players that are trying to get to a major Division I college. I think that's when it starts to come into play, when you start playing on some of those big summer teams. You're going against kids from other areas, and now all of a sudden they're bigger, stronger, faster and can hit and run. Then you find out they're on steroids, so they start to do it.”
 Rob Baughman - “With what Barry Bonds might accomplish this year, I think (the steroid allegations) taint it a little bit. How many would he have really hit now It's not going to improve his hand-eye coordination, but would the baseball have gone that far if he wouldn't have been using steroids”