My Favorite Quotes
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 Ed Feigenbaum - “The revenues have gone up and up. The old assumptions are out the window. The casinos are finding the right mix of games and the right mix of marketing to attract players.”
 Martin Nissenbaum - “Everything you say can give the agent an idea about something.”
 Martin Nissenbaum - “The AMT assistant is a bit limited. They give you a list of things where you're not eligible to use the calculator.”
 Robert Bucksbaum - “I get up in front of audiences and do a drawing. Some days I give away t-shirts. Usually it's 20 cash.”
 Bruce Baum - “We had no local representation whatsoever. They just said this is whats good for the listeners.”
 Michelle Applebaum - “It was a blow-out quarter, they did an incredible job. They blew away the consensus (forecast), and first-quarter guidance looks good.”
 Alan Baum - “I don't think the SUV will be a huge success. It'll be arriving in a very glutted market. While the midsize segment is not glamorous, that's a good place for Saturn to be.”
 Andy Buchsbaum - “EPA's proposal is a good first step, but it still leaves too many loopholes for polluters. For example, it allows polluters to dump more pollution into already contaminated streams. And it doesn't even cover some types of pollution.”
 Adina Rosenbaum - “We firmly believe in open government and a citizen's right to access government records, so they can hold the government accountable.”
 David Nussbaum - “Government leaders have to address corruption so that aid is freed up for its intended purpose.”
 Mark Rosenbaum - “The government is turning justice on its head by keeping an innocent man in jail.”
 Ed Feigenbaum - “It's difficult to sustain a growth rate like we've been seeing.”
 Richard Baum - “Gap is experiencing weakness across all its brands, with its merchandise problems exacerbated by its aggressive square footage growth,”
 Leonard Teitelbaum - “Even though we feel confident that the shipment did not originate from Tyson, there is no question that every participant in the industry is going to suffer from guilt from association.”
 Richard Baum - “Zhao Ziyang, on the other hand, was very much at the centre of that particular storm, and thus will be harder to rehabilitate.”
 Vicki Baum - “There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.”
 Paul Finebaum - “I've always said Spurrier is the best coach since Bryant, and I would have loved to have seen them go head to head. I think Spurrier would have had some success, at least more than anyone else did. I really think Spurrier would have driven Bryant crazy.”
 Mike Tannenbaum - “What will my job description be as the general manager of the New York Jets It's one sentence My job is to get the head coach players. We will look under every rock, every day.”
 Martin Buxbaum - “A dog wags its tail with its heart”
 Richard Baum - “Companies (retailers) are being very cautious about their guidance for the second quarter, so we're not completely taking it to heart that these (strong sales) results will carry through,”
 Joshua Greenbaum - “You can swap, but the better thing to do is use the threat of swapping as leverage for getting a better deal. That's what keeps the vendors honest and competing against one another.”
 Martin Nissenbaum - “It's always a better idea to fess up with the IRS,”
 Martin Nissenbaum - “It's always a better idea to fess up with the IRS.”
 Martin Nissenbaum - “In Florida, there is no income tax but there is an intangible tax, so they will be able to deduct both.”
 Mark Rosenbaum - “It is not a matter for individual states to attempt to formulate their own rules and procedures. School teachers and doctors are not substitutes for INS agents.”

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