My Favorite Quotes
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 David Baumann - “Sometimes that happens when you press like we do. You'll give up some points off turnovers.”
 John Baumann - “We've been on probably the fastest growth track of any catalog retailer. But we can't keep it up in perpetuity.”
 David Baumann - “We showed a lot of heart at the end of the game, and never quit.”
 Kurt Baumann - “As you know, Maple Park has a flood plain around it, but it was an approximate zone. We thought it would be helpful to research and develop and do an in-depth study.”
 Vicki Baumann - “Oh my gosh, it's spring time. The temperatures are perfect the snow is perfect. There are longer days, longer light. The warm temperatures aren't really going to affect the ski conditions. They might soften the snow, making it a little bit slower. But there's several feet of base up here right now. We prepare for warm temperatures.”
 John Baumann - “In 2005, I did 36 leads. My goal is to have done 1,000 by the time I'm 70.”
 John Baumann - “I could never challenge Donald Trump for power and influence, but I would never trade that for a pretty day on the rock. It's so intellectual and Zen-like for me.”
 David Baumann - “We really kept with them for three quarters. But lately, we've have trouble putting together a good final couple of minutes. A team like Bearden will really jump on that if you don't play a complete game.”
 Vicki Baumann - “It's unfortunate we get the snow and then the very cold temperatures, but skiers dress for the weather. People know to take a few runs and then come in the chalet and warm up. They know how to prepare for it.”
 Guido Baumann - “We started with singles today because of the weather forecast. Unfortunately, we came out flat and never got into our rhythm.”
 Guido Baumann - “We finished second last year (at the Big West tournament), and we've made it to the finals five years in a row. We've been working pretty hard since Jan. 15. We're running them hard, and we're eager to get started.”
 Linda Baumann - “But nothing was done, and we felt they didn't listen to us.”
 Linda Baumann - “We're getting taxed to death.”
 David Baumann - “Lee has some of the best court presence I've ever seen. He passes better than any big man I've coached against.”
 Kurt Baumann - “It may seem OK to lower (the elevation) to below the current level proposed, but I am not be sure it would be of service to future residents just to lower the cost impact now.”
 Kurt Baumann - “We would like to release this information to the developer community, because they invested the money into this, and we certainly do not want future homeowners in Maple Park to be below the flood plain.”
 John Baumann - “It would do my heart a world of good if he wanted to climb with his old dad one day. I get a big charge out of my job watching people become more than they think they can be or do more than they think they can.”
 John Baumann - “We did it the classic way. We went to a gear shop, got some ropes and then were wise enough to back away when we realized we needed more training. Luckily, we picked something forgiving, nothing that was too outrageous or too difficult.”
 Vicki Baumann - “It's real important to teach the young children because they're our future skiers as well.”
 Vicki Baumann - “Children are no longer staying at home. Parents are bringing their children with them and interacting together.”
 John Baumann - “At that time, we were able to implement processes so businesses could still be served. It's a dramatic example of what a group of business people can accomplish when they have common goals.”
 David Baumann - “I think we came out in the third quarter and got away from our game plan. Three of our first four shots were 3-pointers. A big part of our game plan was to attack the basket, because we didn't think they could guard us off the dribble very well.”