My Favorite Quotes
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 Rep. Baxley - “A lot of things happen at the last minute when you don't give up. I think we've sent a signal that we're not giving up.”
 Rep. Baxley - “There is still in our chamber this cloud of euthanasia. At some time in the future we will address it.”
 Rep. Baxley - “I think it's definitely a very effective way of bringing values voters, giving them a reason to vote.”
 Rep. Baxley - “He came to our home and opened a whole new world of understanding.”
 John Baxley - “They cut about 10 feet from each of the four legs and the eight-inch water pipe coming down the middle. Everything was doing fine. There was just a little sway.”
 Rep. Baxley - “Wrong measure, wrong place, wrong time.”
 Rep. Baxley - “What's the caring thing to do What's the compassionate thing to do They can't help that they are against the backdrop of a failed immigration policy.”
 Rep. Baxley - “We've been hugely successful in igniting debate. We've seen a number of chapters of Students for Academic Freedom formed, and there's more response in people standing up for rights they have on campus.”
 Rep. Baxley - “I think we were very successful in raising the debate. I don't think we were successful in resolving it.”
 Rep. Baxley - “We have two issues we care about deeply, property rights and self-protection rights. It's kind of like when you have two really big dogs you love and they want to fight sometimes, you have to throw a bone each way.”
 Rep. Baxley - “We just disagree that the business community's private property rights trumps my Second Amendment rights.”
 Rep. Baxley - “These agencies that serve directly to blind people are usually struggling to survive.”
 Rep. Baxley - “We're turning some things. We're seeing some change. We're not where we need to be, but we're ahead of where we were.”
 Rep. Baxley - “The business community cannot take on 6 million gun owners and their right to own firearms and win. That's a losing battle. And we don't need to have that battle. We need to come to agreement.”