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 Lyle Overbay - “He doesn't give you anything that you're going to put the barrel on consistently. When we beat him, it was just one of those days. We kind of got lucky.”
 Jason Bay - “We need a pitcher to step up and be a stopper. A lot of good teams have that.”
 Jason Bay - “He spots the ball well and he throws his fastball kind of sneaky fast. It gets on you. It only says like 87-92 mph, but it gets on you faster than that and he does a good job hitting his spots.”
 Lyle Overbay - “You kind of get nervous when you come in and see everyone around a new team and you're not sure what kind of clubhouse it is. I knew it was going to be a good clubhouse, but I didn't know it was going to be this good.”
 Jason Bay - “It's good to finally win a game -- it seems like it's a lot longer than it's actually been,”
 Jason Bay - “No offense to Lloyd (former Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon) and his staff, but I'm looking forward to going to spring training. And there's going to be a different look, a different feel, a different way things are run and I've heard nothing but good things. So I'm just excited about the way we're going to go about things.”
 Lyle Overbay - “So far it's going good. I'm kind of getting used to the pitchers getting over (to cover first base), who gets over good and who doesn't and what kind of athletes they are.”
 Michael Bay - “I was hooked by the love story in Pearl Harbor. Believe it or not, I have a really soft heart and I can be sappy.”
 Rick Huckabay - “Everything I do now is in honor of the Lord. I left him out for too long. I'm not taking the Lord for granted any more.”
 Jason Bay - “There's not much we can do about that. As hitters, you just do your jobs and hope we can get all cylinders going at some point.”
 Curtis Dubay - “There's no hope that a high income state ever will be able to draw back the same amount of funds they send to Washington.”
 Mike Westbay - “The September and November 2005 rockslides east of the Snoqualmie Pass highlighted the importance of an open and efficient pass to many industries statewide.”
 Curtis Dubay - “Every one of the best tax systems raises sufficient revenue without imposing at least one of the three major state taxes -- sales taxes, personal income tax and corporate income taxes.”
 Curtis Dubay - “I don't know if Minnesota has anything to lament. It's never bad to have high income. But high income does bring high taxes.”
 Jason Bay - “I think a lot of it might have to do with teams, this late in the season, (that) are out of it, and I'm probably seeing more pitches. It might be a combination of a few things, but I still have to drive those runs in. For one reason or another, I've been getting lucky and getting more opportunities.”
 Michael Bay - “It's great that I get accused of not being politically correct. People need to take themselves less seriously. This world is so screwed up as it is, we've all got to relax a bit more.”
 Michael Bay - “I'm at that point in my life where I definitely want to get married soon. I've got my dogs as surrogates, but I'm ready for kids.'”
 Michael Bay - “A lot of directors don't want the pressure of a movie the size of Pearl Harbor. But I love it. I thrive on it.”
 Michael Bay - “I allow a lot of room for improvisation and funny stuff. I always feel planned.”
 Michael Bay - “It is really cool to have created a movie that has turned out to become the biggest movie of the year.”
 Lyle Overbay - “I was looking for a pitch to hit. I had a chance to drive it. When I saw it go in the gap I thought maybe there would be a chance to score. Next thing you know, we win the game.”
 Rick Huckabay - “This year, I thought we were going to do pretty good, Coach, I don't think you're the man to win here.”
 Jason Bay - “It's really the first game all year where we had our pitching, our hitting and our defense all working at the same time. That's a good sign.”
 Lyle Overbay - “It's a great time to be a Blue Jay.”
 Michael Bay - “People have a hard time believing I'd ever want to do a small movie, but I would love to do something funny and quirky.”

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