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 Birch Bayh - “You look at the whole Human Rights questions, I happened to be there at just the right time when the country was awakening - this goes to the first question you asked - the whole country was awakening to a hundred years of injustice that hadn't been resolved yet.”
 Evan Bayh - “I think I should hear what the man has to say before making up my mind, ... Whoever is chosen for this spot could be on our nation's highest court for 30 years perhaps, and deal with some of the most fundamental liberties that we have in this country. So I think it's important we take our time, ask the right questions, listen carefully to the answers and then reach a considered judgment.”
 Evan Bayh - “It's not right to force the men and women in the Guard and Reserves to choose between love of country and love for their family, ... When our troops are out defending our country, they shouldn't have to worry about who is protecting their homes. My legislation will eliminate the Patriot Penalty and protect our military families from eviction when a loved one is serving overseas. Our Guard and Reserve families make countless sacrifices when a loved one is deployed- financial hardship because of their service should not be one of them.”
 Evan Bayh - “Across the country military families are facing dire financial circumstances due to longer than expected tours of duties. They are being penalized for their patriotism - no one should have to choose between doing right by their country and doing right by their families.”
 Birch Bayh - “I had the good fortune to be able to right an injustice that I thought was being heaped on young people by lowering the voting age, where you had young people that were old enough to die in Vietnam but not old enough to vote for their members of Congress that sent them there.”
 Evan Bayh - “But there are charities there, there are individuals there from which money does flow to organizations and groups that we have a lot of concern about, and we need greater cooperation in terms of cracking down on those groups,”
 Evan Bayh - “No longer will we see an agenda tilted to the far right. It will require people to hammer out a true consensus and compromise, and I think that will be good for America.”
 Evan Bayh - “They'll ultimately have to get it from us, ... Following the election of a permanent government, perhaps the international community would be willing to take this on.”
 Evan Bayh - “Our interest in serving our community has to be more than episodic, sparked by disaster, natural or man-made, ... The essence of our proposal was to try to institutionalize service to make it part of (young people's) experience.”
 Evan Bayh - “America is stronger than ever. We will forever remember those we lost on September 11, 2001. In honoring their memory, we will remain true to our commitment to freedom and democracy.”
 Evan Bayh - “Mothers - especially single mothers - are heroic in their efforts to raise our nation's children, but men must also take responsibility for their children and recognize the impact they have on their families' well-being.”
 Evan Bayh - “I don't know. That's so far down the road, I couldn't say. This is a decision that I don't have to make for a year and a half. So I'm doing some of the practical things you need to do to keep that option open. But my first priority is serving the people of our state. That's what I care about, and that's why I'm here in Terre Haute today. So if that's a decision I do make - where - I guess we'll have to decide that if that time arrives.”
 Evan Bayh - “They fired missiles over Japan. What is the likelihood that they currently have a missile capable of hitting the West Coast of the United States”
 Evan Bayh - “I don't think we'll know yet who's the most formidable Democratic candidate against Bush, ... That's something the primaries will have to sort out, and I suspect we'll know sometimes next April or May.”
 Evan Bayh - “If you look back over the last 20 years, the Fortune 500 companies in this country have created zero net new jobs. But at the same time, smaller businesses have created tens of millions of jobs. So if we care about growing our economy, as I believe we must, we really need to look at the challenges facing small business.”
 Birch Bayh - “I think we have a number of young people - like yourself - who want to make a difference. I'm not sure the numbers are as large because I think the burden of getting elected to public office at the national level has become astronomically expensive.”
 Evan Bayh - “We can do better than the false bravado of 'bring 'em on' remember that We can do better than the illusion of 'mission accomplished,'”
 Evan Bayh - “We can do better than the false bravado of 'bring 'em on' remember that We can do better than the illusion of 'mission accomplished,'”
 Evan Bayh - “If he focuses only on low-income people, then there are a lot of middle class folks struggling to pay their prescription benefit.”
 Evan Bayh - “That's something that weighs on my mind. Susan is totally supportive. I couldn't ask for a more supportive spouse. She's probably not as objective about her husband as she could be, but I'm glad that she's not. But she's said that whatever I decide to do, she wants to be supportive. The boys are only 9 and a half years old. They don't know what all is involved. I did sit down and talk with them a bit. I said, 'Boys, your dad's thinking about this what do you think' And they came back and said some of their friends thought that would be kind of neat, and that kind of thing. And I said, 'Well, that means your dad might not be able to be at some of your ball games quite so much, and I may be gone a lot, and I may not be able to be with you at night.' And then it didn't sound quite so good. I didn't want to turn them off to the idea. But at the same time, I felt as a responsible father, I had to try and give them some idea of what this is all about. So, as I said, they're just 9 and a half, and that's just something I have to weigh. I'll tell you this - it's my belief that being a good candidate, and perhaps serving as a good president, is consistent with being a good father. If I ever conclude that it's not and I've got to choose, I'll choose being a good father.”
 Evan Bayh - “Even if he's not indicted, if it appears that a top adviser to the president of the United States was trying to harm someone personally for having a different public policy point of view, that's unacceptable behavior in the White House.”
 Evan Bayh - “Well, I hope not. Hopefully, we'll be able to make enough progress before then that we can begin bringing our troops home. But it's impossible to set a deadline right now. Hopefully, we'll make progress, but how quickly we will make it, no one can really say right now. I would imagine that we will have some presence in Iraq, but hopefully it will be substantially reduced, and be if not exclusively, largely in a supportive role, rather than taking the front-line role that we currently have. We need to get more Iraqis trained and equipped to provide for their own security, so that we will no longer have to. And we can do only those things that they're not capable of, for example air cover and those kinds of things. They'll be patrolling the neighborhoods, they'll be the ones out on the front lines. Hopefully, with the next general elections more than three years away, God willing, we'll have gotten there by then.”
 Evan Bayh - “To strike the right balance between protecting Hoosiers' health and maintaining a strong economy, ... we need to take the time to get the rule right.”
 Birch Bayh - “How come life is so important in the nine months before birth, but then we sort of forget about the importance, we're not worried about whether that baby lives in poverty once he or she is born.”
 Birch Bayh - “People are concerned, here again, about life, and haven't given a whole lot of attention to how you make fathers responsible for the lives they bring into the world.”

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