My Favorite Quotes
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 Kory Bays - “It's unfortunate for the guys. It doesn't do honor to the game.”
 Steve Bays - “It took us a long time to get in a drought and it won't take one overnight event to get us out.”
 Kory Bays - “We have a tough time on the perimeter on both sides of the ball. Our guard play is very limited. Because of that, in my view everyone else is very strong at those positions.”
 Steve Bays - “The rain was another step in the recovery, but it all depends on what happens over the next three or four months. We'll need more of a moderate rain over a long period of time to really help.”
 Carter Bays - “Also I think a lot of the pressure came from ourselves. We really cared about this a lot. When we were first starting to develop it, we came up with a few ideas and actually wrote a script for another pilot. And we liked that one too, but it wasn't personal like this one was. This one felt like something we'd write whether we had a deal to write it or not. From where I'm coming from, it was at a point in my life where I was single and thinking, 'When am I going to settle down and get married' It was very therapeutic writing in a weird way. The real pressure was for us not to screw it up ourselves.”
 Steve Bays - “With Dante leaving, it just tore us all apart. We realized the best music is written when you have no distractions, and all that matters at the end of the day is your gang of friends.”
 Steve Bays - “We're trying to write the next album while we're on the road, kind of like Led Zeppelin did it in their early days. I know some of my favorite ideas come at like 8 in the morning, so I've just been an insomniac the last little while, like literally just up till 10 a.m. and I'll sleep for like three or four hours. And some of the best stuff comes out of that.”
 Carter Bays - “It's a show about the craziest nights you remember from your youth, the crazy nights you had in your 20s.”
 Carter Bays - “But for us it was three years ago. We still miss it. We love New York so much.”
 Steve Bays - “We had generated so much energy and so many new ideas playing live and we wanted to capture that as much as possible.”
 Carter Bays - “But they've been fearless about it. There hasn't been a moment of doubt or a suggestion to make it more traditional. We have no 'indignant writer' stories to tell.”
 Steve Bays - “As hot as it's been with no rain, anything that hasn't been watered is pretty well dried up by now. I would think people's lawns and gardens are burning up if they haven't been watered. Non-irrigated crops are probably suffering pretty bad. Probably, the fire danger in those areas, of course, is going to be higher.”
 Kory Bays - “It was as good of an offensive night as we can have and a decent defensive night as well. We had control of the match from start to the buzzer.”
 Steve Bays - “Since we've been touring the last four months or so, the crowd always jumps to it like it's a single or something, even though it never was a single. So it seemed like the obvious choice.”
 Carter Bays - “I went through periods where you're just sort of writing things that are supposed to be funny and things that look like a sitcom. Now we're writing about real life and things that we care about. That's one of the things that a lot of these new shows have in common, like Everybody Hates Chris -- he's writing about his life.”
 Steve Bays - “The last record, when we were on tour, we were so busy just living life and exploiting all the wonderful things about touring, but this time we really want to write the next record. We want the next record to just come out as soon as it can. ... Well, maybe not as soon as it can.”
 Steve Bays - “It's got the best bridge on the album. If there's any bridge connoisseurs out there, it's got a good bridge.”
 Steve Bays - “We haven't decided on everything yet, but ... I just wanted a scene where I'm holding up my own head and cutting it off at the neck and there's just blood dripping down.”
 Carter Bays - “We sort of look at our years at 'Letterman' as comedy grad school. I don't mind seeing jokes and hearing the laugh track because that was our bread and butter for a long time, just making an audience laugh ... There's no better feeling than having a crowd there and hearing a laugh.”