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 Russell Baze - “I saw the other horse close to the rail so I moved out a little to give myself some room in case anything happened and, sure enough, it did. But I was going to gather him in anyway, I felt. I knuckled him and he started to pick it up on his own and when I asked him in the stretch he went on real well. He's developing into a real nice horse.”
 Russell Baze - “I shook the stick at him and boy, he gave me a good little punch. About a dozen lengths later he just quit. Just inside the eighth pole, I had nothing left.”
 Tyler Baze - “He's a very honest horse and very nice to ride. Those other two races I won on him, once he switched leads then he really kicked. He's just so game.”
 Russell Baze - “He still has that brilliant speed. He was tugging me to the lead. I had a ton of horse down the backside and everything was fine until the turn. When he switched leads, the track came away from him. He was slipping on the turn, and that's when the other horse got the jump on him. Normally on the turn is where he puts them away.”
 Russell Baze - “This horse has handled so many tracks (seven to date), that I didn't see the track being a big factor, ... There are very few horses that can go with this horse for the first half-mile. He's and exceptional animal, and it is really going to take an exceptional animal to beat him. A couple of guys have said that he hasn't met the best, but we've taken on all comers and he's handled them pretty nicely.”
 Russell Baze - “I was surprised I was able to go so slow the first quarter. Bobby (Gonzalez) was getting after his horse to show some speed but his horse wouldn't go. My horse relaxed so nice. When they started to run at him, he picked it up on his own. As soon as horses come to him, he leans forward and wants to go.”
 Russell Baze - “We needed the other horse to stop a little bit, and he never did.”
 Tyler Baze - “I'd like to thank Corey for taking off, and Craig for me to ride the horse.”
 Russell Baze - “One thing I'll probably get a new rider next year because this kid finally got this horse beat, ... Just kidding.”
 Russell Baze - “He struggled with the track a little bit, he's still a little green, and his first start was a long time ago. About the eighth pole I'd asked him, and he wasn't picking up ground. I asked him harder, and he got up.”
 Russell Baze - “He struggled with the track a bit. It was a pretty game effort. He's still a little green. It was only his second start and that first one was a long time ago. I'm pretty proud of him because he was struggling with the track and he could have given up, but he didn't.”
 Russell Baze - “I was hoping that there would be a little more speed in there. My horse ran his race, but he just wasn't good enough today.”
 Russell Baze - “My horse had no excuse. He broke sharp and sat right where I wanted him to be. The horse on the lead just ran too big today. In the last race when we caught him, he was getting tired. He didn't get tired today.”
 Russell Baze - “He broke well and we sent him because we didn't want to get into any trouble. I let him run a little down the stretch because I wanted him to get something out of it. People were hooting and hollering in the paddock before the race but it didn't faze him. All he does is keep making me look good.”
 Russell Baze - “Give me some good news Doc, I've only got three weeks,”
 Russell Baze - “I tried to make him work a little more the whole way to make sure there was plenty of air in him.”
 Russell Baze - “Once I got halfway through the hole, I knew I could make it and then he just ran away from that horse. But he started goofing around because he's not used to making the lead so early.”
 Russell Baze - “My horse was a little lackadaisical early, ... I got him out to the outside where I wanted to be going into the second turn, and he started to make a pretty good move and flattened out on me during the lane.”
 Russell Baze - “When he first started to make his move I thought we still had a chance to run that horse down. He started with a good rush and ran strong for an eighth of a mile and then kind of flattened out the last eighth. At that point, he's usually running by all of them. He ran by all of them but the last one today. We needed that other horse to stop a little bit and he never did.”
 Russell Baze - “I think this horse will only get better with more distance. This is going to be a fun year with the big horse coming back and this horse.”
 Tyler Baze - “She's a hard-trying filly. I've ridden her on dirt and grass and she always seems to try hard. The more I took hold of her, the more she kept running. I never hit her and she ran a good race. I've had good luck with this filly in the past and she's coming back around.”
 Russell Baze - “The first time I rode him, he pretty much did everything wrong. He hated getting dirt in his face he took himself completely out of it. I finally got him out in the stretch, and he came with this huge run.”
 Russell Baze - “The son of Lost Soldier has won his nine races by a combined 59 lengths and never been in danger of losing. He's an exceptional animal, ... and it's going to take an exceptional animal to beat him.”
 Russell Baze - “I've never been on a horse cooler than this horse, ... Nothing bothers him. The crowd was hooting and hollering and it didn't rattle him at all.”
 Russell Baze - “Boy, he made that exciting. He just walked out of the gate. At the half-mile pole, I reached back and hit him to get his attention. I thought I had a shot at the top of the lane because he was moving, but when we hit the wire, I wouldn't have bet money that we got there. That was tight.”

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