My Favorite Quotes
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 Robert Bea - “We're still viewing it as cows eating grass, and it isn't.”
 Robert Bea - “The thinking was, those levees are just protecting farmland. But time goes on. We continue to develop, but we are dragging this 1.3 with us. We upgrade the levee system after (Hurricane) Betsy with better flood protection, but that 1.3 is still there. History has moved, but the corps hasn't.”
 Robert Bea - “We would rather invest a little money now than pay 10 to 100 times that amount in the future.”
 Robert Bea - “It's like the snooze alarm on the alarm clock. You can only turn it off so many times before you get in trouble.”
 Robert Bea - “The water level in the canals wasn't that high when the floodwalls breached. We had a premature failure of the defense system.”
 Alfred Bea - “He did request a check, and we did give him a check. What usually happens is we transfer that money to their account electronically. But he wanted a check, and we try to keep our players happy, especially our big winners.”
 Alfred Bea - “It is a lucky place, and as far as I'm concerned, they can make the claim of being a lucky store. I think they are extremely lucky, and if I were there and I could, I would buy a ticket there.”
 Robert Bea - “It didn't hold. There isn't a door, and they've got measly sandbags they're putting in to compensate.”
 Alfred Bea - “I have found winners waiting at the door for me at 8 a.m. the next day, and sometimes winners wait months to call. For a jackpot this size, they usually wait at least a few days. . . . We encourage them to consider what is happening to their lives.”
 Alfred Bea - “We suggest they seek legal and financial advice first.”
 Robert Bea - “As that concrete is breaking, it will emit sounds that probably to them sounded very much like muffled gunshots. Then they would have these very large booming sounds as that barge was slamming against the walls. Those residents probably heard what they heard, but they came to the wrong conclusion. We didn't see any signs of explosive action.”