My Favorite Quotes
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 Ben Beakes - “We thought what better tool to use to get the message out to everybody. It's eye-catching, it's different and it's recognizable.”
 Ben Beakes - “All the votes on the paper trail are correct. All the votes inside the machines are correct. It will just not recognize them when it's time to tabulate the results.”
 Ben Beakes - “This is exactly why West Virginia has one of the most stringent testing requirements in the nation. The process worked. The county clerks were doing their job. This is exactly why we test the machines.”
 Ben Beakes - “We're looking forward to using the technology in November's election, and seeing that other counties have the opportunity to implement the same changes. It will eventually make the (vote) counting process go a lot easier.”
 Ben Beakes - “Having said that, she is leaving all doors open. She has received many calls in support prior to the congresswoman making her decision.”
 Ben Beakes - “Luckily we have a supply of paper ballots we use for absentee voting. We were able to use the ballots as backup.”