My Favorite Quotes
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 Howard Beales - “Consumers are learning to look for signs of trouble. Education, outreach and media reports are helping consumers wise up.”
 Howard Beales - “Marketers must have rigorous scientific substantiation for the claims they make. In this case, the claims were inflated, but the science just wasn't there.”
 Howard Beales - “In a case of deceptive marketing gone wild, consumers were enrolled in a program of monthly deliveries without their knowledge. That's out of bounds. If you sign consumers up for an ongoing plan without their permission, we'll do our best to unwind the transaction.”
 Howard Beales - “The most common complaint is the misuse of a person's identity to get a new credit card.”
 Howard Beales - “It's clear that what is going on here is outright fraud.”
 Howard Beales - “This is sham therapy. It has absolutely no effect on cancer cells. And tragically, some consumers lost a lot more than 15,000. They lost time.”