My Favorite Quotes
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 Mable Beaman - “Season the inside and the outside of the turkey real good with salt and pepper this will give the turkey some flavor. Then, cut up some onions and one stalk of celery and place it inside the turkey.”
 Mable Beaman - “Every one in the household has a favorite dish that they would like to eat all the time and I like to prepare it for them from time to time.”
 Mable Beaman - “Don't forget to check the turkey every 20 minutes just to keep some water in the pan, so that the turkey won't dry out during the two-hour time span..”
 Mable Beaman - “The water in the pan assures that the turkey will be juicy and not dry. As the turkey cooks the water from the pan will go into the turkey keeping it moist.”
 Mable Beaman - “The best place to buy a turkey is the Corner Market on the By-pass up from Wal-Mart. But, when you buy a turkey make sure you get the best brand which is a Butter Ball turkey. Others may have another choice, but when I shop for a turkey I will always get a Butter Ball turkey.”