My Favorite Quotes
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 Golden Bears - “We have a kicker, ... We didn't kick one field goal last year, not one in 13 games. That's difficult to believe. So getting two of them tonight was good.”
 Golden Bears - “They run a wishbone set, so they run a lot of power and power sweep stuff, which last week we've had a lot of trouble with. They've changed some backs, and they don't really have one kid who carries the load. They're pretty young right now, but I think they're growing.”
 Golden Bears - “He's made a couple of great pass defends that show his range out on the field. He is the type of player that as a middle linebacker, he goes from sideline to sideline for us.”
 Golden Bears - “They have a pretty big tackle 6-foot-3, 286-pound Jordan Wolpert who started last year. Their backs run hard they don't do a lot of dancing. They don't do a lot in the passing game. They're going to run at you and run hard. They've given up a lot of points. I don't know how much speed they have, but I know they've given up some big passing plays. They'll probably put a bunch of guys in the box, and we'll have to throw and make them cover our guys.”
 Golden Bears - “It was a big confidence (booster) just because it's been so long since we beat them, ... It's obviously something positive.”