My Favorite Quotes
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 Jon Beason - “Tyrone's a big back and he's physical. He can take the load. You can give him the ball and he's going to give you three or four yards just because of how hard he runs the ball.”
 Rep. Beason - “There are employers in this state who are more than willing to hire illegal aliens. Hiring illegal aliens distorts the labor market and reduces income for our citizens.”
 Jon Beason - “He's been pretty much flawless. You don't hear anything about him missing class or getting in trouble. He's grown up a lot. He understands where he is and that people are counting on him and he's holding up to that.”
 Jon Beason - “Spring is where you win a job. I've been telling all the young guys, come out here and give effort every play. Don't worry about messing up now. Just see yourself improve and get your way up the depth chart. We're going to have a lot of fight this spring.”
 Kim Beason - “Fantasy sports are a leisure pursuit that is akin to play - and we know really well that play is a very intense, spontaneous, frivolous activity, and that if you can sustain it, you get very dedicated people in it.”
 Rep. Beason - “They came to the country illegally, knowing they were illegal.”
 Jon Beason - “I'm very shocked. I just feel sorry for him. I think he should be here. I have a lot of confidence in our coaching staff and they must have done it for a reason. But I don't know what that reason is.”
 Jon Beason - “The kid is not cocky, but confident. Everybody around him knows this kid is going to be a superstar. If we can get the other 10 guys on offense just to play with the type of confidence that he has, they would be unbelievable.”
 Kim Beason - “If you can keep those concepts of play and competition, the behaviors are somewhat addictive. You can be addicted to fantasy sports just like you can be addicted to on-line betting - and I think there are probably several people out there who are like that.”
 Kim Beason - “Baseball is not quite to that level - though if you watch baseball, they do quite a bit of the same thing, too.”
 Kim Beason - “We know this about fantasy-sport players - they are much more dedicated sports fans than your average American.”