My Favorite Quotes
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 Jacques Beaulieu - “I thought we played well in Game 1, but it's the playoffs and you have to come back with something in Game 2. We didn't and that's disappointing. That's why it's a seven-game series.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “The stock has really soared since the beginning of October. I think the stock is worth 27 to 28, so I wouldn't be surprised if it gave back a little bit.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “The questioning about compensation on conference calls hasn't gotten any tougher than it was four years ago.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “It's the right thing to do. Food is a major traffic driver. People who go to Target for groceries will also pick up laundry detergent and paper towels.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “They have the opportunity to go to the city and say look at all the jobs we can create.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “Gap isn't a growth story anymore. Its new fourth store concept targeting the 35-and-older customer will give it some growth. But essentially the important thing for the retailer to do now is to stay the course, fix the fashion issues, make operational improvements, close underperforming stores, manage inventory and generate cash.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “Companies that do really well either minimize something like prices, or maximize something like luxury. It's the companies in the middle that are going to be squeezed.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “This is the first that I've heard of Gap actually revealing what their growth plan is for the brand.”
 Jacques Beaulieu - “The way he played the last five games of the season and the first four games of the playoffs, we made our decision based on that. We have the depth at forward that we can afford to keep him back there . . . He's doing a great job for us and gives us some depth at our back end.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “The tactic did not expand Gap's customer base. It only served to alienate its more traditional, khaki-wearing crowd. As sales tanked, the company slashed prices to liquidate excess inventory. In the process, Gap gained a reputation as a rampant discounter, and the brand lost some of its cachet.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “The stock right now is very cheap, the company just hasn't done anything to give investors confidence. Investors are going to have to see proof. I do a lot of store visits and it's very disappointing to see how much is on sale.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “I don't think these companies results have merited getting hit this hard, but investors are getting concerned with consumer spending as we move into the all-important Christmas season.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “This is a business in the middle of a turnaround. It's no surprise they had pretty miserable comps for the fourth quarter.”
 Jacques Beaulieu - “It's not anything serious. It's a lower body injury and he's in therapy right now.”
 Joseph Beaulieu - “I think the Gap had to come up with something new. It's possible they're trying to target the baby boomers next. Old Navy has been driving growth for the Gap Inc. but it's starting to slow. Its namesake Gap stores are facing market saturation, and the higher-priced Banana Republic brand is a niche concept. Banana Republic has been doing great but there's a limited opportunity to expand it further.”