My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Beavers - “The match score is a little deceiving. North Allegheny coach Dan Schall and I agreed that all three games could have gone either way.”
 Cindy Beavers - “Right now we're getting the word out through the radio stations and of course we're sending an advisory to the television stations as well because all the 249 and 868 prefixes are affected. That basically covers Wrightwood, Phelan and Pinion Hills. Cell phones are also affected.”
 Cindy Beavers - “I believe they arrested him first thing this morning. The homicide team arrested him after they interviewed him.”
 Cindy Beavers - “I think it's critical this videotape is reviewed closely. ... We want to know the exact dialogue among the parties. It would be unfair for us to make any kind of judgment now without knowing the facts.”
 Cindy Beavers - “There was a disagreement between the boys and their parents, and (the boys) decided to run away.”
 Jeff Beavers - “We are not that far behind the teams ahead of us in the rankings. We just have to get mentally tough.”