My Favorite Quotes
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 Jerome Bechard - “The last two games it's been atrocious. He called the little stuff and then the major stuff we get no calls.”
 Ray Bechard - “Our hitting percentages in games one and three are unbelievable. It was a great team win.”
 Ray Bechard - “Her name is Melinda. It's a pretty exciting night.”
 Jerome Bechard - “It's the result of me surrounding myself with good people. All I did was give the boys a plan and they executed it. I have two teams to worry about, my players and my front office. I work hard to lead both of them and it looks like it's contagious. Everything is easier when you have great ownership and it feels like the whole city is standing behind you.”
 Ray Bechard - “This award represents the tremendous amount of hard work Paula has done in the classroom and on the volleyball court. She mirrors the true student-athlete balance we are looking for here at the University of Kansas.”
 Ray Bechard - “We've had success here against them Texas AM the past three years. Ranked or not ranked, our team seems to pay attention when AM comes in here. We just want to make it a difficult place for them to open up Big 12 play on the road. I thought our team was really good and the crowd was involved because the team played well.”