My Favorite Quotes
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 Anthony Becht - “There has been no talk. I'm going to play very hard. I'm very loyal. I'm a Jet now. Whatever happens in the future, happens. I'm not worried about whether I'm here or not (next season). If I am, great. I love it here. If I'm not, I'm not.”
 Anthony Becht - “I think I remember Jets coach Al Groh yelling at me for making a good block, but it wasn't good enough,”
 Anthony Becht - “It was pretty tough for Paul in New York, ... Sometimes fans feel the grass is greener in terms of someone else doing a better job, but that's not necessarily the case.”
 Anthony Becht - “It was two great defenses. Our offense was sparking. We felt if we didn't make mistakes, we'd have a chance. At times, we looked really good against them. But they rushed hard. We have to suck it up and block it.”
 Anthony Becht - “Baker's claim to fame was blocking for tailback Curtis Martin on Martin's way to the 2004 rushing title. I took a great amount of pride in that, ... were frustrated but we said 'Let's get something out of this. Let's not just go out there and say we're not getting the ball so we're not going to do this.'”
 Anthony Becht - “You find the time, help out and have fun. When there's an opportunity like this, I'm there.”
 Anthony Becht - “It's going to be fun to go back and play those guys, ... I had five good years in New York, but things change in this league.”
 Anthony Becht - “There's not one guy in this league who can shut him down all by himself. There really isn't. You really have to plan well against him because he's a weapon.”
 Anthony Becht - “He's a very calm, veteran player and he knows the system well. He's very experienced. He knows where to go with the ball.”
 Anthony Becht - “A solid running game is huge. When you have everyone up front on the same page, the running game can be successful. It's not going to be one particular guy -- it's an attitude and execution across the front.”