My Favorite Quotes
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 Erik Bedard - “For the time it lasted, it was really fun. It was as exciting as we can put it out to be, but after that, it was reality. We lost, and here I am.”
 Erik Bedard - “I threw a lot of strikes on the outside corner. Usually I'm OK with it, but today I was 80 percent all outside. I was just hitting the spot and hitting the glove.”
 Bob Bedard - “And thank God it is decent weather so people can walk. It's not raining, and we're not ruining people's shoes.”
 Bob Bedard - “We've gone backwards from where we were yesterday on some very important work rules.”
 Erik Bedard - “It was more intensified, just because it was less games and you have to win, right now. That's the biggest thing. If I had the opportunity, I'd gladly play (again).”
 Erik Bedard - “I left a lot of pitches down the middle of the plate. They are a good team and they hit them.”
 Bob Bedard - “It's a life-and-death issue for us.”
 Erik Bedard - “I didn't have my command I had the first couple of games. I had to battle.”
 Erik Bedard - “I just had command of three pitches. My secondary pitches, like the curveball and change-up, I threw for strikes.”
 Bob Bedard - “Overall, we think it was a big victory. The little guy doesn't have to subsidize the fat cat's health care.”
 Bob Bedard - “All of the three issues - work rules, wages and health care - are being discussed tonight.”
 Bob Bedard - “We've paid for health care and we're not going to pay again. We're not going to change our position.”
 Bob Bedard - “They did offer the raise with one hand and then withdrew it with the other hand. Under their health care proposal, if you or your spouse or kid ended up having to go to the hospital for five days, you'd spend your whole raise.”
 Bob Bedard - “We've spent most of the day getting back to where we were Saturday. There's been no discussion of economics, no discussion of salaries, no discussion of health care.”
 Erik Bedard - “I didn't really think about it. I just (bore) down, made my pitches and changed speeds. Fortunately I came out with a win.”
 Erik Bedard - “The difference is throwing less strikes, ... I'm not getting ahead. When you're ahead it's easier to nibble. The knee is fine. The velocity is up there. It's more mental than anything.”
 Bob Bedard - “The last strike lasted 40 days (in 1998), so this union is not afraid of a long strike. They will stand up for what they believe.”