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 Roger Bedford - “I think it's an outrage that these hours would be billed on a state holiday,”
 David Bedford - “We are looking for a sponsor to underwrite this and are hopeful there will be sufficient interest from one which will not interfere with the obligations we owe our present race sponsors.”
 David Bedford - “To race when less than fully fit is simply not the Paula we know and could jeopardize her form for some time.”
 Ryan Bedford - “Public-sector unions could become a millstone around the state's neck. Union interests will dictate increased spending and inefficiency, resulting in more dues-paying employees, who can then fund increased union political activity.”
 Ryan Bedford - “This raises an interesting question Who really benefits from union representation”
 CEO Bedford - “The network airlines' scope limitations don't just affect the network guys, they affect the Regional partners in ways ordinary people might not understand.”
 Bob Bedford - “We won this game on defense tonight. We wanted to take Chelsea Johnson out of her game and make her work for everything ...This is a good start for this year.”
 Roger Bedford - “My hope is that we will proceed with caution to make sure we can afford it,”
 David Bedford - “If you happened to be in a poor spot that got a lot of hail then that's pretty bad luck and in some cases there were a few orchards that lost their entire crop.”
 David Bedford - “This is great news and a real bonus for London to have Paula confirmed this early, and we must now decide whether to run the race in women's only or mixed race conditions.”
 David Bedford - “This is great news and a bonus for London to have Paula confirmed early.”
 CEO Bedford - “What we have created over the past year is simply the flexibility to respond to the market demand as it emerges.”
 David Bedford - “We had to deal with the disappointment of Paula Radcliffe coming out of our race. Perhaps the evidence of how strong our race is that our event can withstand that. We still have a great women's race.”
 Bob Bedford - “They played good man-to-man defense, shot the ball well and defended us well. We didn't try to penetrate. We just tried to pass it around, and it didn't work. We have to get back to basics in practice. That will be the big thing.”
 Bob Bedford - “Our defense won it for us. If you stop Chelsea Johnson (North Port point guard) you've got a good chance.”
 Bob Bedford - “Chelsea understands the game well but is very hard on herself. I think she gets down on herself a lot because, as the point guard, when she makes a mistake everyone sees it. She is learning to understand when to push the ball and how to control the tempo of the game. She has seen it's not easy being the team's ball-handler.”
 David Bedford - “We believe we are the people who represent the top echelon of marathon running. This is about competition. We believe this is the most exciting thing to happen in our sport in quite some time.”
 Bob Bedford - “That's been a real key, balanced scoring this season. Since the beginning of the season, we've had great team chemistry with everybody working together.”
 Roger Bedford - “They fought the wars, they paid the taxes... they have got to have good health care in their later years,”
 Roger Bedford - “(In Washington) Republicans blame Democrats, and Democrats blame Republicans, ... Not here (with this program).”
 Ryan Bedford - “Pro-labor elected officials, who authorized this political payback program, will also benefit from the union's monopoly in years to come.”
 David Bedford - “We've had significant support from the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations), who have been closely involved over a period of time and are fully supporting the project.”
 CEO Bedford - “I think the Regional role is redefining itself. We are being asked to fly farther with bigger capacity planes and we are being asked to find appropriate financing for those planes. We are being asked to make capital investments. We are emerging as a way to provide value-added service for our partners as opposed to flying small airplanes from point A to point B.”
 CEO Bedford - “We weren't a party to that labor agreement. American had a choice They could breach their labor agreement or breach our deal. We needed to give them a third choice, which was a way to make both parties happy.”
 Lester Bedford - “I'm playing devil's advocate here, (but) if everybody waits around, there may not be a next time. If we don't get much support on this one here, (promoters Bob Arum and Gary Shaw) may feel like the potential for the rescheduled event might be damaged, that some luster may have been taken off.”

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