My Favorite Quotes
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 Ahmed Bedier - “It will not only restore faith in the justice system by American Muslims but also by Muslims all over the world who doubted justice in America. This sends a very positive message that Muslims can receive a fair trial in America.”
 Ahmed Bedier - “It's frustrating that innocent families are torn apart because of these types of campaigns. It seems on the surface of it to be racial profiling rather than for security. It sends the wrong message and it hurts everything we are doing overseas.”
 Ahmed Bedier - “There has to be a different way to deny people entry into the U.S. without treating them like a dangerous criminal.”
 Ahmed Bedier - “This only plays right into the stereotypes when people see these images. We see (the protests) as counterproductive and un-Islamic. This is not how the prophet Mohammed would have responded to such attacks.”
 Ahmed Bedier - “It's not an open-ended edict to go out and kill people. There are hundreds of thousands of verses that talk about peace.”
 Ahmed Bedier - “This shows we have faith in the American justice system. This has shown that America is not only the best country in the world, but the jurors proved that we also have the best justice system.”
 Ahmed Bedier - “That's not what I'm suggesting People in the community have a responsibility to bring tolerance. We have to learn to get along. ... You're a role model in the community. People will look to you as an example.”
 Ahmed Bedier - “While the Al-Arian verdict was a turning point for our community, I'm not sure it has the same significance for politicians.”
 Ahmed Bedier - “We have a lot more in common than we think.”
 Ahmed Bedier - “They have the authority to do it (levy immigration charges), although they usually don't in most cases.”
 Ahmed Bedier - “No one wants to attack their own people. Muslims here see themselves as Americans more than Muslims in France see themselves as French.”