My Favorite Quotes
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 Henry Ward Beecher - “A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “I never knew an early-rising, hard-working, prudent man, careful of his earnings, and strictly honest who complained of bad luck.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “It is not work that kills men it is worry. Work is healthy you can hardly put more upon a man than he can bear. Worry is the rust upon the blade. It is not the revolution which destroys the machinery but the friction. Fear secretes acids but love and trust are sweet juices”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “Many men are mere warehouses full of merchandise--the head, the heart, are stuffed with goods. . . . There are apartments in their souls which were once tenanted by taste, and love, and joy, and worship, but they are all deserted now, and the rooms a”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “Love cannot endure indifference. It needs to be wanted. Like a lamp, it needs to be fed out of the oil of another's heart, or its flame burns low.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “It is not well for a man to pray, cream and live skim milk”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “We should so live and labor in our times that what came to us as seed may go to the next generation as blossom, and what came to us as blossom may go to them as fruit. This expresses the true spirit in the love of mankind.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “When a man says that he is perfect already, there is only one of two places for him, and that is heaven or the lunatic asylum”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “Are they dead that yet speak louder than we can speak, and a more universal language Are they dead that yet act Are they dead that yet move upon society and inspire the people with nobler motives and more heroic patriotism”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “What we call wisdom is the result of all the wisdom of past ages. Our best institutions are like young trees growing upon the roots of the old trunks that have crumbled away.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “We never know the love of the parent till we become parents ourselves.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “Do the best you can where you are, and when that is accomplished, God will open a door for you, and a voice will call Come up hither into a higher sphere”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “It is defeat that turns bone to flint it is defeat that turns gristle to muscle it is defeat that men makes invincible”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “Defeat is a school in which truth always grows strong”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “Young love is a flame very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “Oh, ye infidel philosophers, teach me how to find joy in sorrow, strength in weakness, and light in darkest days how to bear buffeting and scorn how to welcome death, and to pass through it into the sphere of life, and this not for me only, but for”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “There is tonic in the things that men do not love to hear. Free speech is to a great people what the winds are to oceans ... and where free speech is stopped miasma is bred, and death comes fast.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “Of all escape mechanisms, death is the most efficient.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “The most dangerous people are the ignorant.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “Work is not a curse, but drudgery is”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “There is no greater crime than to stand between a man and his development to take any law or institution and put it around him like a collar, and fasten it there, so that as he grows and enlarges, he presses against it till he suffocates and dies.”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “Take all the robes of all the good judges that have ever lived on the face of the earth, and they would not be large enough to cover the iniquity of one corrupt judge”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “If a man has come to that point where he is so content that he says I do not want to know any more, or do any more or be any more, he is in a state of which he ought to be changed into a mummy”
 Henry Ward Beecher - “We are not to make the ideas of contentment and aspiration quarrel, for God made them fast friends. A man may aspire, and yet be quite content until it is time to raise and both flying and resting are but parts of one contentment. The very fruit of”

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