My Favorite Quotes
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 Kirby Behre - “You squeeze that person and hope he flips as you work your way up to the top.”
 Kirby Behre - “It doesn't get more important than a defendant testifying in his own behalf. It'll be make or break for him.”
 Kirby Behre - “Criminal defense lawyers cringe at a witness going back a fourth time, ... feel if they don't cooperate it could mean their job.”
 Kirby Behre - “In one sense it's somewhat good news, because now the defense, instead of worrying about that 24 number lingering out there, can think 15 is the worst they can do, and they're going to try to improve upon it. There's no guarantee, but as a practical matter, that really is likely the worst-case scenario.”
 Kirby Behre - “The government seems to have successfully worked its way up the food chain and enlisted the help of senior officers of the company who obviously were cooperating.”