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 John Beilein - “They weren't going to give us a 3. We should have put it inside, but nobody was there.”
 John Beilein - “It was a bad match-up for us as far as quickness on the perimeter. They got in the lane much too often. We had to give help and give up rebounding.”
 John Beilein - “Their top six guys are tremendous players who all hit good shots.”
 John Beilein - “Mike practiced and looked good. We are not overly concerned.”
 John Beilein - “Heather is good for Kevin,”
 John Beilein - “I can't think of two better people for this to happen to. Those two are special players. What a great honor for them and for us.”
 John Beilein - “I hope people don't think, all of a sudden, you're not playing well. You're just playing better teams, you're playing on the road and it's a tough test for all of us.”
 John Beilein - “He appears to be as close to 100 percent as he's been since the injury. He's going to get injured when he plays because he's so fearless. Going into this game, we're going to need that fearlessness in him, and I know we're going to get it.”
 John Beilein - “He's a one in a million kid. With English as his second language, it's certainly a unique situation.”
 John Beilein - “The stats tell the story of the game. Pitt played a tremendous game. We'll learn a lot from this game. It was very hard to get open looks in this game.”
 John Beilein - “(At) Canisius and at Richmond, we had shooting centers, but we never had anything like this. He may take some shots that look crazy, but he's got a green light.”
 John Beilein - “I thought we put on a pretty good clinic for most of the game. Kevin is really playing well and developing into a complete player.”
 John Beilein - “I don't think anybody thought we were slow-paced then.”
 John Beilein - “We were just trying to win everyday at practice, so I can't say I ever thought about this. But to get to this point, it's very rewarding.”
 John Beilein - “Kevin came in here on a mission. I thought we were a little bit out of character at Pitt. We probably tried to do a little bit too much and probably didn't realize what good defense Pitt plays. We took shots we thought were good and they weren't because Pitt guards you.”
 John Beilein - “I thought we had tremendous looks, but we just couldn't knock them down.”
 John Beilein - “It's been a long time since we lost three in a row. It's hard to bounce back, but it's my job to get these guys to do that.”
 John Beilein - “They had an awful lot of turnovers against us the first time. I haven't seen them have those turnover numbers since then.”
 John Beilein - “It seemed like any time they needed a hoop they threw it up in the air, over top of us and one of their guys came down with it. Any time the ball was above the rim, it was theirs. We had no chance of getting a rebound unless it came down under the rim.”
 John Beilein - “It's not a very relaxing time to have an extra day or two off for the coaches. It's always a challenge playing them because they've basically played volleyball against us on the backboards.”
 John Beilein - “The last two possessions we did not do what we wanted to do. We were running a certain pattern, and one time we got confused. It just takes one person to get confused, and it throws everybody off. That's just the way it goes. We'll learn something from it. It's hard to do that in that atmosphere.”
 John Beilein - “What I remember the first time is that they dunked about the first five or six shots. They did a great job against us, with dribble-drive penetration and finding (Eric) Hicks, finding (Jihad) Muhammad. They out-hustled us on many occasions in the first half.”
 Patrick Beilein - “We knew they weren't going to run out of gas any time. Big East road wins, this is how they are every game. It doesn't matter who you're playing or what their record is.”
 John Beilein - “It seems like a year ago that we played. I don't know if it's an advantage playing a team a second time.”
 John Beilein - “He's a heck of a player. He saw an alley and he took it. Ramon had a great game as well. We lost him a couple of time in our zone.”

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