My Favorite Quotes
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 Wade Belak - “(Hartley) used to send us out all the time to do stupid things. That's just the way he is. Maybe that comes from never playing pro.”
 Wade Belak - “He's young, he's been in the league a couple of years, so if he apologized, well, that's it, it's over.”
 Wade Belak - “I was 20 years old when it happened. I thought this was pro hockey, do what the coach says. I look back on it now and, it was stupid.”
 Wade Belak - “That's playing hockey in Toronto. When things are bad (fans) want to dismantle the team and fire everybody and bring in new people.”
 Wade Belak - “We've been struggling for a few games, and we haven't played our best hockey yet for a full 60 minutes. And I think we showed in the first period against Ottawa -- a great team in first place -- that we can play five-on-five against anybody.”
 Wade Belak - “It was disrespectful. You don't need to do that. But it was nice to see the referee take action.”