My Favorite Quotes
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 Terry Belanger - “We must not deprive the future of the past.”
 Ron Belanger - “I had police officers, fireman and building inspectors come to my booth at the National Hurricane Conference and they thought it was phenomenal.”
 Ron Belanger - “In the 24, 72, to 96 hours after the event there's a tremendous search demand. In the past, we've seen a surge in search Sunday night, Monday, and into the workweek.”
 Terry Belanger - “The MacArthur is enabling my field in a very real way, ... This is a pretty small operation and it's going to make a difference.”
 Ron Belanger - “That's 30 uninterrupted 30-second TV spots. Think how much that would cost on TV, and the difficulty in getting people to watch even one full 30-second ad. To me, that's a much more effective use of marketing dollars if you know your message is in front of the consumer for a much longer and more controlled period of time.”
 Ron Belanger - “That's an example of how somebody hasn't executed wellIt's all about following consumers through their media consumption habits from the couch to the computer to the cell phone. You want to make sure you'll be there on their schedule.”
 Terry Belanger - “making the world a more secure place for the irreplaceable legacy of the book.”
 Jerome Belanger - “Digging potatoes is always an adventure, somewhat akin to fishing. There is forever the possibility that the next cast or the next thrust of the digging fork will turn up a clunker.”