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 Bill Belichick - “I don't rate them, but he's pretty good. There really isn't much that he can't do. He's good in the passing game. He runs inside. He runs outside. He runs with power. He has a lot of speed. He turns short gains into long ones . . . he can throw it. I think he has a pretty good complement of skills.”
 Bill Belichick - “Statistically, we're fighting an uphill battle when we're on the negative turnover ratio and winning games, especially on the road, ... That's not normally the correlation. ... Right now, we're in a little bit of a dry spell.”
 Bill Belichick - “This is one of those great games that went back and forth. It turned into a track meet at the end. I'm proud of the guys for hanging in there.”
 Bill Belichick - “It's been a while since I've seen a more dominating team than what Pittsburgh has been in these first two regular-season games. They really haven't been in a competitive game. ... They're the best team in the league this year.”
 Bill Belichick - “I've been in the game for a while. I've heard 'Belichick' and 'genius' together. I've also heard 'Belichick' and 'moron' together.”
 Bill Belichick - “You would have to talk to the Jets. I have no comment on their job or their situation or anything else. Anything they have to say about it, I'm sure they would be more than happy to give you that information.”
 Bill Belichick - “We didn't give up 70-yard plays,”
 Bill Belichick - “We'll give it to you when we have it. I don't know any more than that.”
 Bill Belichick - “It's hard to win when you give the ball away.”
 Bill Belichick - “And I understood that in an age where there was so much ego, because of the camera, that it was very important to look for that kind of player, ... I began to look for the kind of player that doesn't need his ego fed by stardom, but will do what he's supposed to do because he knows the game and loves the game, and will do the job the right way even if someone else gets the glory.”
 Bill Belichick - “He's probably as good as there is in the game, ... not just on defensive backs, but also coming in and getting linebackers, which is unusual for a lot of receivers.”
 Bill Belichick - “RB Corey Dillon looked very strong Sunday until an ankle injury forced him to the sideline. The injury is not expected to keep himout for long though. I think he'll be all right, ... I thought he ran the ball hard. I thought he made a real good run there down the sidelines in front of their bench. I thought it was a big-time run.”
 Bill Belichick - “We'll get a good evaluation of where we are going against a different type of team than we played last week in Cincinnati. We'll have some different challenges that we'll have to meet. Theyre a good team and they have a lot of talent.”
 Bill Belichick - “In terms of really fooling (veteran quarterbacks like) Manning, (Dan) Marino, (John) Elway at this point in their career, they've seen every blitz, ... They've seen every coverage. They've seen every front. In terms of him standing back there scratching his head like, 'Well, I wonder what coverage that is.' I don't think that's really happening.”
 Bill Belichick - “Coach Davis is primarily a defensive coach, ... I think that's where most of his background is. All the (head) coaches that he's hired have been offensive coaches.”
 Bill Belichick - “I'm respectful of what this group has accomplished, what the previous Patriot teams have done and what this means in terms of league history and all that. But none of that really means anything in what we do from here on.”
 Bill Belichick - “We gave up big plays, running and passing, and that obviously hurt us,”
 Bill Belichick - “And Poole, who hurt his ankle, is one of our best-conditioned athletes, ... He's working hard to be back.”
 Bill Belichick - “All aspects of it need to improve. It extends to all 11 guys on the field. The running game, it's a team play.”
 Bill Belichick - “There are certainly areas that you can improve in and develop more consistency (in).”
 Bill Belichick - “Mike Tannenbaum is an extremely hardworking individual who moved up from the entry level to the top of his profession. I am happy and proud of him.”
 Bill Belichick - “I dont have much to add at this point. Our medical people are going to take a look at them. Well find out all the information we can and well update it Wednesday.”
 Bill Belichick - “We'll do the injury report on Wednesday.”
 Bill Belichick - “Taylor's a great player. He's a guy you've got to be aware of. He's a tough guy to stop. But if you just took him away and set everything to take him away, they've got plenty of other guys who can kill you, too.”
 Bill Belichick - “Two kicks blocked, ... Running out of bounds when the Patriots were trying to kill clock. We need to do a better job managing the clock than that.”

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