My Favorite Quotes
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 Eve Belisle - “I wished and I thought we could do it if we played really well. But honestly, I didn't really, really think it.”
 Eve Belisle - “I'm sure we'll bounce back. We always do. In our provincials we had to win our last five to do it. Maybe it's not our time here, but we'll give it our best shot.”
 Matt Belisle - “There was never a point that I was thinking I wouldn't be part of the next wave (of pitchers) over there (in Atlanta). The trade was something that was a surprise.”
 Eve Belisle - “The ice was really different tonight. I don't know if it was because we were playing different rocks, but it curled more even though we were on the same sheet. We just got fooled into taking the same broom as this morning. I wish I could have given you a better game. It's too bad it had to happen at the quarters of the Scott, but this will just motivate us to get back here.”
 Eve Belisle - “I think the girls need to play better because I can make some shots but I cannot make them all, so I need help from my team.”
 Matt Belisle - “You've got to look at it through my eyes. Whatever opportunity unfolds, you're just excited to have it and go after it. I gained a newfound respect for the bullpen and love how each role is vital to the importance of a team. I grew to love it.”
 Eve Belisle - “It's too bad that it happens in the quarters at the Scott but we have games like that all the time. We really enjoyed it, we just want to get back here next year. It's been incredible. The crowd, everything, it's amazing.”
 Matt Belisle - “It's that time of year. Unless you are set and everybody else knows you're set, it's a different time. The biggest thing is to focus in on the only thing you can control -- that's what you bring every day and what you bring to the field.”
 Eve Belisle - “We just take each game like it's a provincial final - not a club game - but like a provincial final. We like to not put too much pressure on ourselves and be the underdogs so hopefully that will keep us in good luck for the rest of the week.”
 Eve Belisle - “We just take each game like it's a provincial final -- not a club game.”
 Matt Belisle - “I want to be part of the club, period. I truly believe I can start, or I can fill a bullpen role. Wherever they need me to be part of the puzzle that turns us around is where I want to be.”
 Matt Belisle - “That's where I got my exposure to scouts and that's where I learned to develop my skills. Tommy took me under his wing and I can honestly say I wouldn't be here without him. He brought me along and knew I had potential. He helped me in more ways than baseball. We're still real close.”