My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Campbell - “The bottom floor was going to be left unfinished for storage or future classrooms,”
 Charlie Bell - “I feel good and I look forward to a complete recovery, ... While I recognize that last year's strong comparable sales will create more challenging monthly comparisons as we move throughout the year, I remain confident in our plans and the opportunities that exist to add even more customers to our restaurants in the future.”
 John Campbell - “Let me reiterate that, while we have sympathy for the legitimate aspirations for development of the people in the delta, and we already are, and will continue in the future, to be involved in assistance programs there, hostage-taking never, ever is justified. I will hope that, once we emerge from the current hostage crises, once those that are held hostage are released, assuming that no further hostages are taken, that we will be able to accelerate our assistance in that region.”
 Tom Campbell - “It's just not correct to say that since it could have occurred in the past it therefore will occur in the future,”
 Brian Campbell - “We've lost 15 games, and five to two teams ... go figure that.”
 Sol Campbell - “I saw Sven-Goran Eriksson when he came to the training ground last week and he spoke to myself and Ashley Cole. He knows I am fine and all I need now is a couple of games under my belt.”
 Dan Campbell - “That guy has made some big plays for us in the last five, six games. You look at the catches he's made. He's got arguably the best hands on this team. He's a very good athlete, and losing him, yeah it's gonna hurt.”
 David Bell - “These are like playoff games. Every game, every pitch, is so important now.”
 David Bell - “I hope there will be a couple more, too, ... There have been a few big games this month.”
 Buddy Bell - “I knew it was over 100 games. We'd get close, but not over the hump.”
 Buddy Bell - “He's a guy that'll help us win some games.”
 Buddy Bell - “Kansas City RHPs Denny Bautista, who is on the disabled list with a sore shoulder, and Runelvys Hernandez, who is suspended for 10 games, pitched a simulated game. Hernandez completes his suspension Saturday and will start that day at Cleveland. We're trying to figure out what we're going to do next with Bautista, ... I still don't think he's going to pitch for us this year, although he wants to.”
 Marty Bell - “Could you write it any better You win the last seven games and you win the West.”
 Folarin Campbell - “Everybody has to pick their game up. I felt it was on myself to come out and take some shots. It's been paying off, and we've seen it paying off in games.”
 Raja Bell - “Sometimes in games, there's a play that kind of defines who wants to win the game more.”
 Jill Bell - “I'm just tired of losing these games that I feel we should be winning. If we want to beat these Top 25 teams, which I think we can, then we've got to get over that hump.”
 Carol Campbell - “She likes irises. She had a big iris garden. She had a lot of them in Tracy and at her house in Manteca but not so much at the trailer.”
 Karen Bell - “Sergio Soave is a gifted administrator and accomplished artist and we are fortunate that he will be leading our highly acclaimed Department of Art.”
 Tony Campbell - “If you don't have anything for a girl you are recruiting to look at (it can be difficult). I can start looking at some more local girls now and hopefully intrigue them into coming here.”
 Raja Bell - “He gets 50 and we win the game. At the end of the day, I am OK with that. Even though it (stinks) to have 50 dropped on you, if we win, I've done my job. I really don't give a (darn) if he respects me. If I can keep him preoccupied on beating me 1-on-1, then the four other guys aren't getting shots and that plays into our hands.”
 Buddy Bell - “Graff, obviously, goes in a utility role, but probably a notch above that. We need to get him in the lineup as much as we possibly can, whether it is first, third or second. We'll be able to give those guys a day off here and there. Graff is a good Major League player. He's a good fit for our team.”
 Chad Bell - “They (Rice) scored a few runs in the first couple of innings and held on. That seems be our thing this year. Give up runs before we settle down and then can't seem to get back.”
 Thomas Campbell - “A chieftain to the Highlands bound Cries, Boatman, do not tarry And I'll give thee a silver pound To row us o'er the ferry.'”
 Dan Campbell - “Once Julius gets back, we'll be even better. Now we know we have a guy we can count on to give Julius a rest. It will be real good.”
 David Bell - “It's fun to play behind Jon because he works fast. We didn't give him much breathing room.”

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