My Favorite Quotes
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 Carol Bellamy - “It is a key development issue. Every year that a girl is in school is a progressive step towards ending poverty.”
 Craig Bellamy - “It is always a tough game up here, let alone if you give up an 18-point start,”
 Craig Bellamy - “I was really disappointed with our first 20 minutes but we competed well after that. You are in for a tough night if you give 18 points start,”
 Craig Bellamy - “I couldn't see anything in the tackle, and even if there was, when Danny got his 18 weeks, he was hit high and then head-slammed and that made no difference at all,”
 Howard Bellamy - “That's not a bad idea. But to play that, we'd actually have to rehearse.”
 Carol Bellamy - “We still have to learn the lesson of the grip poverty has,”
 Carol Bellamy - “While the technology revolution has yet to reach far into the households of those in developing countries, this is certainly another area where more developed countries can assist those in the less developed world.”
 Carol Bellamy - “Kids are healthier these days... more kids are in school around the world, and partly that's because Australians have been willing to invest in aid.”
 Carol Bellamy - “By ratifying the Convention, governments become legally bound to implement the rights therein.”
 Carol Bellamy - “Boycots are something that may make the person who's boycotting feel better, but it doesn't necessarily make conditions any better for the child.”
 Carol Bellamy - “And UNICEF uses the Internet to spread ideas, exchange information, to raise awareness on rights and on how to better implement human rights.”
 Carol Bellamy - “I think he is an entertainer. I would prefer if he were a performer.”
 Craig Bellamy - “We needed another outside back that we knew could play first grade. We thought we were one short there.”
 Craig Bellamy - “We have a very young group here and thought it would be good to spread the leadership a bit wider than just one person.”
 Craig Bellamy - “He had a couple of games where he was probably not at his best but that happens when young kids play a full season of first grade. We're very happy with Jake and thought he did a great job. He's only 21 and we think he is only going to get better,”
 David Bellamy - “I've been appalled by how much ragwort there is on roadside verges, I thought it had to be controlled,”
 Craig Bellamy - “It doesn't appear too serious, but you don't take any risks at this time of the season.”
 Steve Bellamy - “Those two competitors shaped the design of the tournament. Instead of making it just a men's tournament, we came up with this concept of having a big festival with all different kinds of events happening at the same time.”
 Eddie Bellamy - “The only time that ramp actually works right is at about half-tide and above.”
 Craig Bellamy - “We looked a bit disjointed at times, but hopefully that will come.”
 Craig Bellamy - “Today was the first time we touched a footy all week.”
 Craig Bellamy - “Today was the first time we touched a footy all week,”
 Craig Bellamy - “It was a massive night and I talked to the guys about it today,”
 Craig Bellamy - “They didn't train as much last week so hopefully that might have had something to do with today.”
 Carol Bellamy - “Tens of thousands lost their mothers and fathers. Thousands were victims of horrific brutality and rape. Many were forced to commit atrocities. The impact of the tragedy simply cannot be overstated,”

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