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 Steve Bellamy - “We did a poor job of communication. We need to let people know what's happening out here. We're going to improve the food, offer more things and make it more accessible for fans to get to.”
 Carol Bellamy - “Girls' education is the single best investment that any society can make,”
 Steve Bellamy - “We didn't plan well enough for the weather. I want to plan for the wind and the cold, and I want to make it better for the fans and the players.”
 Craig Bellamy - “There's no doubt about it - I am out of here,”
 Steve Bellamy - “Andy felt bad about it, but he didn't think he had the energy to go the distance here.”
 Carol Bellamy - “And each of us can practice rights ourselves, treating each other without discrimination, respecting each other's dignity and rights.”
 Edward Bellamy - “The primal principle of democracy is the worth and dignity of the individual”
 Steve Bellamy - “It is just complete, guaranteed, instant credibility. They are two of the most exciting player in the history of the sport. The real magic of our draw is that it is so deep.”
 Craig Bellamy - “He'll be as fresh as on Saturday night so that probably spells a little bit of danger for us,”
 Carol Bellamy - “of great significance because it reflects the resolve of African women to end a cruel and unacceptable practice which violates the right of all girls to free, safe and healthy lives.”
 Steve Bellamy - “We have 16 players who are the No. 1 player in their country. The cutoff to get into (the tournament) was No. 68 (in the ATP rankings). No tournament outside of a Grand Slam has that kind of quality and depth.”
 Steve Bellamy - “Next year, our aspirations are huge. We're going to have the world's biggest tennis tournament next year that's going to have tens of thousands of people that will play all over the country and they will all feed into Las Vegas. We'll have this big, mammoth draw the week before where probably 128 people all play for a chance to get into the main draw of the tournament and we're going to film it (for The Tennis Channel) and we're going to make it like an 'American Idol' type of thing. It's going to be cool.”
 Carol Bellamy - “It's an absolute disaster. This country was one of the success stories -- but what a knockdown blow.”
 Carol Bellamy - “It's an absolute disaster. This country was one of the success stories -- but what a knockdown blow,”
 Carol Bellamy - “We are prepared to do what it takes in any country that has not yet realized the value of educating its girls. These girls simply cannot afford to wait any longer,”
 Craig Bellamy - “Smithy is pretty well entrenched in origin now, which is a huge rap for a kid his age so I'd imagine if he keeps his head on his shoulders and keeps working hard, at some stage, he'll play for his country.”
 Carol Bellamy - “There is no electricity. You can't travel by road in many parts of the country. In Congo, again, you have to go in by plane and there is war going on.”
 Carol Bellamy - “The worst is still happening. It's an absolute disaster and I don't think one can determine the real cost.”
 Howard Bellamy - “We'd empty the cane press bucket into a kettle and cook it. What was left was syrup, and the foam off the top was rum.”
 Craig Bellamy - “One of his great strengths is that he is always so consistent,”
 Craig Bellamy - “People forget Scott was close to our best and most consistent player at the start of the year and we just need him to get back to that,”
 David Bellamy - “What the hell has conservation done The World Wildlife Fund must have spent several billion pounds, it hasn't saved the panda, tiger, nothing,”
 Carol Bellamy - “Some companies now have their own codes of conduct against the use of child labour. The problem is monitoring their implementation.”
 Craig Bellamy - “But you know, we think we can match it with any team in the competition.”
 Carol Bellamy - “Young people can volunteer to work or raise funds for groups or organizations that work in this way with children in developing countries.”

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