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 Doug Mirabelli - “three games is still a lot.”
 Marc Gabelli - “I don't think that Qualcomm has the third-generation cellular market or the CDMA market that the analysts were expecting.”
 Mario Gabelli - “I think we're going from a market that's driven by momentum and driven by a flow of funds to a stock picker's market. That's going to provide very good opportunities for those that are focused on given areas.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “It definitely had that playoff atmosphere. It was two guys, going head-to-head, that are arguably our No. 1s right now.”
 Adriano Belli - “He's a cute little guy, ... I hope I can ruffle his feathers a little bit.”
 Adriano Belli - “He's a cute little guy. I hope I can ruffle his feathers a little bit.”
 Laurie Corbelli - “They were here for 90 percent of the summer getting their weight and running workouts. That's a reason why no one has missed a practice in terms of an injury or soreness. They always come in so healthy that it's helped us get that much further along.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “I thought it was a really good pitch,”
 Donatella Girombelli - “For me, the red if so important this time. The red is so exciting. It gives us light, happiness and femininity.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “I don't think I've ever been so nervous in a game. Even in warm-ups, the first time I saw the knuckleball I dropped a couple. I thought, 'Oh, oh. Here we go.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “The whole time on the flight, I'm thinking there is no possible way this is going to work out. I was nervous as anything.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “The whole time on the flight I'm thinking there is no possible way that this is going to work out. I'm glad I got through it because I was nervous as anything. I don't think I have been that nervous in a ball game every in my career.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “That was the first time naked in a police car.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “I understand their point of view. (Piazza is) a great player that they got at a discount price. How do you pass up on that”
 Mario Gabelli - “I would vote for the Hilton deal.”
 Laurie Corbelli - “The team is ready to play and is wanting to get the whistle blowing. A lot of the new things we have installed and the new things that we have been working on are starting to show. The team has been really successful in the drills and the things that we have been really focused on, which have been blocking and defense.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “His ball was darting in, it was darting away. It was effectively wild in the strike zone. I had a tough time today catching the ball. I hadn't had a game like that where I felt like I was going to have a hard time catching the ball.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “As a player, it feels great to hear how the fans appreciate you and your hard work.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “You want to come in here and sweep because you can extend your lead, but you don't want to get swept. By winning yesterday, there was a lot of pressure taken off this team as far as having to avoid a sweep today and leaving here with a one-game lead.”
 Laurie Corbelli - “I think you go for proving everybody wrong. I've always felt that when people say you can't, or you won't, you show them you can.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “He strikes out people with his movement. Obviously, the ball was dancing. He mixed in some other pitches when he needed to.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “We're playing mediocre ball right now. There's a lot of guys who need that day off, mentally and physically.”
 Mario Gabelli - “The reason it's important is that that's the key to unwinding some of their cable assets, that is, to sell to U S West New Media some of their cable properties in exchange for more flexibility in the corporate structure.”
 Laurie Corbelli - “It's kind of like marriage times two. You're 24-7.”
 Doug Mirabelli - “If we can't make up a half a game, this wasn't meant to be, anyway. It's a virtual tie.”

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