My Favorite Quotes
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 MariaElena Bellinger - “We showed we could beat anyone and lose to anyone. Either we like to share and play nice because we learned our lessons in kindergarten, or something's got to give. We have the physical tools, but we're not there mentally yet.”
 MariaElena Bellinger - “This is what I remember volleyball being. This is what night games were like. It's important for the guys from both schools to experience this. When you get to the State finals, that's what it's like. Until you play in that, you don't know how your team is going to react.”
 MariaElena Bellinger - “We don't lose anything from Saturday, as long as we learn from it. I'll be more concerned if we keep repeating the same mistakes from today. I don't know if it's a chemistry thing. It's easier to fix the physical pieces of it. Most physical mistakes happen because we're out of position, which is a mental mistake.”
 MariaElena Bellinger - “Now they have no excuse for letting up ever. This is why I was so frustrated at the beginning of the season, because I knew we were capable of playing at a certain level. That we were able to play it with Artem out is proof we should have been doing it all along.”