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 Carlos Beltran - “I didn't know Port St. Lucie had so many Puerto Rican fans. That was great to see. They should do these games more often, because it brings the fans to the ballpark, there's excitement.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I think I can have a good year.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I'm a player of the Mets. Facing Billy ... he's such a hard thrower. I was looking for a slider, but he kept giving me a lot of fastballs. Good thing I was able to get one over third base on a pitch I got jammed.”
 Carlos Beltran - “We can score a lot of runs and we know that. It's a great lineup and the good thing about it is we're not depending on one or two guys. We're depending on everyone.”
 Carlos Beltran - “Last year, he really came through in clutch situations. Hes a real good hitter for being so young. Hes patient, he works hard, and hes having a good year. One of the reasons we are where we are is because hes been driving in a lot of runs.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I feel I haven't done a thing yet, and look where we are, ... I hope I can now be the player everyone expected to see.”
 Carlos Beltran - “It feels 60 percent and its not enough for me to go out there and play. I can run but not full speed, and playing in the outfield is no good. I feel like Im getting better since the day it happened, its improving and I just want to continue to improve.”
 Carlos Beltran - “Im just waiting for the time when its going to come together, ... Ive been waiting for a while.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I took a step back and when it was time for me to come forward - too late.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I wasn't pressing. I just wasn't getting hits. I had a good spring. It was just time for me to come through.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I don't know if I've ever done that in my career. I wasn't getting hits and it was time for me to come through.”
 Carlos Beltran - “When you come to a new place like I did last year for the first time, you're wondering how it's going to be. This year, I feel relaxed and feel great.”
 Carlos Beltran - “When I got hurt this year I feel that really affected me, took a lot away from me. I wasn't able to steal bases. Every time I hit the ball in the hole I wasn't able to run. I just couldn't run. It's kind of frustrating because you feel like you would have done a better job. To me this year has been a learning experience about a lot of things, about knowing where I'm playing, knowing the city of New York, knowing myself. I feel good with it.”
 Carlos Beltran - “that it is better to heal completely. I played hurt because I wanted to help the team and at the same time, maybe I hurt the team a little bit.”
 Carlos Beltran - “Im just waiting for the time when its going to come together, ... Ive been waiting for a while.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I'm just waiting for the time when it's going to come together. I've been waiting for a while.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I'm doing everything possible, and everything right. It's just a matter of time.”
 Carlos Beltran - “When he hit the ball, the first thing that I did was freeze. The second thing that I did was take a step back. And when it was time for me to come forward, it was too late for me.”
 Carlos Beltran - “We can score a lot of runs, we know that. As a team, we know we can go out there and hit the ball well. Today was one of those days.”
 Carlos Beltran - “It's about winning. If I do that and we win, then I will continue to do that. If I do that and we don't win, then I'll change. What I did today, if it would have been the season, I would have done the same thing. I wouldn't change anything.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I just need to come to the park every day thinking something good is going to happen to me and hoping today is going to be the day, ... This was a good one.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I'll take it easy today and then we'll see about tomorrow. To me, it's nothing major.”
 Carlos Beltran - “I didn't hurt my eye. My vision is fine.”
 Carlos Beltran - “Right now I feel if I try to play it's going to get worse.”
 Carlos Beltran - “That was something that I probably did wrong last year. I should have let the injury heal completely 100 percent. I just wanted to be there, and instead of helping the team, I was hurting the team. You learn from that.”

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