My Favorite Quotes
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 Adrian Beltre - “We were aware of their pitching staff and fortunately, we were able to win and this probably bodes well for the (tournament's) next games.”
 Adrian Beltre - “It's not just us. He's crushing everybody. We try to pitch him a certain way, but he's a real good hitter. He'll hit good pitches, he'll hit bad pitches.”
 Adrian Beltre - “Had a pretty good season if you can isolate it from last year.”
 Adrian Beltre - “It was good. It's always good to get everybody on the same page. That way it's easier to pull together as a team.”
 Adrian Beltre - “I thought it was broken at first. I've got the feeling back in it now, so I know it's going to be OK.”
 Adrian Beltre - “At first I thought it was broken. But after two or three minutes I started to feel a tingle there, and after a while I was able to move my fingers.”
 Adrian Beltre - “Really, this might be my worst year when you consider all the expectations I had coming in. I thought I'd do a lot more. I thought we'd do a lot better.”
 Adrian Beltre - “He gave me a couple of pitches to hit today that I should have hit, and I didn't. But the pitches he made in that at-bat were pretty good.”
 Adrian Beltre - “(Byrd) has always been that kind of pitcher, trying to trick you, keep the ball low, in and out. He threw a lot of strikes, worked it inside and out, threw breaking balls for strikes behind in the count.”
 Adrian Beltre - “Guys get frustrated like Frankie did, and I understand that, ... If it had taken place out of sight, that would have been one thing. But there were cameras there. There was no way it was going to end good like that, so something had to be done. And it wasn't just me. It was a couple of guys.”
 Adrian Beltre - “But the Twins opened the fifth with their second and third hits, and Beltre helped Hernandez by taking his bullet throw for a force at third on a bunt try. I felt it, ... My only worry was that he didn't throw me a sinker. He threw hard, but a good fastball.”
 Adrian Beltre - “When we knew this game was coming we thought it would be something special, and it was. You have a Hall of Famer against a young pitcher who is something special. In 10-15 years we may look back at this game and say it was a Hall of Famer against a future Hall of Famer.”
 Adrian Beltre - “Everything he said was true. It's not hard to listen to the truth. It's something we needed to hear.”
 Adrian Beltre - “He can make the lineup on any team. Especially on our team. If he is able to come back and play with us in Puerto Rico, our team is going to be a lot better.”
 Adrian Beltre - “It doesn't matter how old you are if you can play, you can play, ... He's something. He does it every day.”
 Adrian Beltre - “If the team needs me, I want to do it. If they need me at shortstop, I'll play shortstop.”
 Adrian Beltre - “To me, it was just something different. If Ojeda was hurt, I was up to do it. If we had tied the game, I was going to play short the next inning ... just something the team needed.”
 Adrian Beltre - “He picked me up, and that made me feel great, ... When I ran past him going back to the dugout, I tapped him on the arm to say thanks. I wanted him to know he had picked me up.”
 Adrian Beltre - “The way I'm hitting, I'd better make those plays. This year, I'm getting paid for my defense. I work hard at it, I take pride in it. In games like this, small plays make a difference.”
 Adrian Beltre - “I prefer to hit 3-4-5, but I'll do whatever the club needs. I started the season in 2004 hitting seventh, and that didn't work out too bad. By the end of the year I was batting fourth.”
 Adrian Beltre - “The Dodgers are going to have the first option. I'm happy with the organization. Now is the time I have the choice to stay or go, but I'm not thinking about leaving yet.”
 Adrian Beltre - “Frankie called my room and told me to turn on ESPN, ... If all you saw was that one clip they had and nothing else, I guess it looked like a fight. That's OK. I don't care what they say.”
 Adrian Beltre - “I have to get better, but I cannot change the way I play. I'm not a rookie anymore. No more excuses about being young. If I don't do it, I will take all the blame.”
 Adrian Beltre - “take about 10 days where I don't think about baseball at all. Then I'm going to get ready to come back strong next year.”
 Adrian Beltre - “A lot of people expected a lot of things and they should. Sexson's probably doing better than what people think. I'm not doing close to what people think. But that's baseball.”