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 Richie Benaud - “All these things are nice but you've got to bear in mind that out there - and I do get correspondence to confirm this - there are others who don't have me at the top, who say why don't you talk more, why don't you do this or that. Everyone has their own idea about commentating.”
 Richie Benaud - “In fact, as a spin bowler, you have to work on the batsman over after over.”
 Richie Benaud - “Because out in the field, you haven't got anyone whispering into your ear saying all sorts of things, you've got to do it yourself.”
 Richie Benaud - “A cricket ground is a flat piece of earth with some buildings around it.”
 Richie Benaud - “The key thing was to learn the value of economy with words and to never insult the viewer by telling them what they can already see.”
 Richie Benaud - “From our broadcasting box you can't see any grass at all. It is simply a carpet of humanity.”
 Richie Benaud - “The slow-motion replay doesn't show how fast the ball was really travelling.”
 Richie Benaud - “He's usually a good puller - but he couldn't get it up that time.”
 Richie Benaud - “I've been picking around with the game now for some time, but I've never seen anything like this -”
 Richie Benaud - “He looked at me for a long time and just turned and said 'Thanks', though whether that's 'Thanks, but no thanks' or 'Thanks, thanks', I don't know.”
 Richie Benaud - “But I think the only thing that annoys me about that is if I suddenly find someone on commercial radio or something like that, mimicking my voice or actions and trying to promote a product and pretending it's me doing it.”
 Richie Benaud - “The last two years have been the best cricket I've watched in 57 years,”
 Richie Benaud - “They hammered the point home to never ever say 'we'. And I never forgot it and it stayed with me for all those years...to say 'we' sounded both stupid and parochial.”
 Richie Benaud - “The last two years have been the best I've watched and commented on in 57 years, ... The most exciting, skilful, and with wonderful fielding.”
 Richie Benaud - “We first met during the formation of World Series cricket. There was never anything mundane or orthodox about him. At the meeting I had with him, the thing that struck me most was that he was concerned only with the players. It was his job to put (the poor state of cricket) right, and put it right he did. He was absolutely brilliant.”
 Richie Benaud - “Well, Bruce Reid is not the worst batsman there is at international level but those who are worse would not need to hire the Myer Music Bowl to hold a convention.”
 Richie Benaud - “Morning Geoffrey, morning Mark... morning everyone..”
 Richie Benaud - “Captaincy is 90 per cent luck and 10 per cent skill. But don't try it without that 10 per cent.”
 Richie Benaud - “It's my view, and people may disagree with it, that this series shades that tour. And that's saying something.”
 Richie Benaud - “He would have been keen about the crowd here today - a packed house. Kerry was a great character, a really great character, so my life would have been less interesting without having known him all those years.”
 Richie Benaud - “My mantra is put your brain into gear and if you can add to what's on the screen then do it, otherwise shut up.”
 Richie Benaud - “My mantra is put your brain into gear and if you can add to what's on the screen then do it, otherwise shut up,”
 Richie Benaud - “I know it's more five-star now than it was then, but it's still a difficult tour. In the same way as India and Pakistan players find it difficult coming to Australia. People sometimes have difficulty believing that.”
 Richie Benaud - “But now that the series has been decided, the teams were well matched but Australia got a surprise.”
 Richie Benaud - “I keep reading it is too long a summer but we keep having sell-outs at the matches. I think it would be crazy to pay too much attention to suggestions we need to shorten the summer.”

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