My Favorite Quotes
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 Dr. BenBassat - “When it comes to shift planning, the considerations involved in deciding on the shifts of any one employee can be numerous. Taking into account that a service organization may have tens, hundreds, even thousands of employees to organize into shifts in different geographies and organization units, the need for an intelligent tool to manage this process automatically and optimally becomes apparent.”
 Dr. BenBassat - “This win represents a tremendous opportunity for us in the European utilities market. Inclusion of our solution in the standardization project of such a large company is strong validation of the value that we provide to the utilities industry.”
 Dr. BenBassat - “We are fortunate to have had somebody of David's caliber within the company for so many years. David contributed significantly in many roles, and we hope to be able to use his talent in the future.”
 Dr. BenBassat - “Our impressive list of recent wins in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, India and China further solidify our leadership position. With the new strategy and appointments we expect to be more agile and accelerate the growth of the company.”