My Favorite Quotes
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 Dennis Lobenberg - “We've all worked together at one time or another. We all respect each other. Any one of us can do the job as sheriff of San Joaquin County.”
 Dennis Lobenberg - “Most of them are in my garage. I haven't worried too much about putting any signs up because of the weather.”
 John Benberg - “We have to manage the new group well so it's a good experience for all participants and they have a meaningful opportunity to help. As we get better, there will be more places for people to join and serve kids.”
 John Benberg - “This will be a group of formally connected supporters who provide value to the club on a more flexible basis than full standing board members.”
 John Benberg - “There are hundreds if not thousands of kids in our area who would love to have the Boys Girls Club experience. We're being aggressive to pursue ways to get them, and Circle of Friends is a piece of that strategy of serving more.”
 Dennis Lobenberg - “This decision was made during the recall campaign and was designed to limit political activity at state facilities.”