My Favorite Quotes
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 Fred Bencriscutto - “You can't give someone 10 runs that's the bottom line. We didn't pitch extremely well, and C-G hit very well.”
 Fred Bencriscutto - “Our conference is really tough. Five or six losses may do it for the title. I hope we can keep our heads straight and we'll be right there.”
 Fred Bencriscutto - “Henry pitched a great game with this kind of wind, where everything in the air is a home run. We thought we might have a little advantage with Cory because he throws all that off-speed stuff and if we can get guys out on their front foot and they can't really center something up, chances are they're going to pull him.”
 Fred Bencriscutto - “Kenny was outstanding he was throwing three pitches for strikes and kept Central off balance. I was real proud of his effort.”