My Favorite Quotes
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 Sergio Bendixen - “Definitely the Republicans have hurt themselves -- the question that remains is whether the Democrats have helped themselves.”
 Sergio Bendixen - “The majority feel the immigration debate is somewhat unfair and based on misinformation -- for example, that most undocumented are on welfare, which is not true. Legal immigrants feel there is a thin line between anti-undocumented and anti-immigrant.”
 Sergio Bendixen - “National anthems are symbols of a culture and symbols of what the majority of the country believes in.”
 Sergio Bendixen - “Until Cuban exiles get their country back and figure out a way to get rid of Castro, nothing else will matter to them.”
 Sergio Bendixen - “There's conventional wisdom among legal immigrants that both sides of the story are not being heard, that we hear all these negative things about the undocumented, but we don't hear about ... the fact these people are hard-working and that they stay out of trouble.”
 Sergio Bendixen - “The community has changed, but the hate for Castro hasn't. The Cuban-American community has evolved from what it was even five years ago, but in the interests of justice and so the decision of the jury isn't questioned, it would be better to have the retrial somewhere else.”
 Sergio Bendixen - “He will be remembered for being the strongest political figure in the history of the Cuban exile community, but the coverage he received during that period made him very controversial among Anglo voters. It made it very difficult for him to cross over, which you need in Miami-Dade to win in larger districts.”
 Sergio Bendixen - “California went from being a swing state to being a deep blue state -- a Democratic state -- because of the immigration issue and because a generation of Hispanics have turned against the Republican Party.”
 Sergio Bendixen - “How can you spend your money on get-out-the-vote when you are beginning to lose your market share But Democrats had no experience in campaigning for the hearts and minds of Hispanic voters. They treated them like black voters who they just needed to get out to the polls.”