My Favorite Quotes
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 Roberto Benigni - “The first movie I saw - and I don't know if it influenced me - was Ben Hur. We watched it outside in a corn field, and it ran backwards, so the first movie I ever saw was Ben Hur backwards.”
 Roberto Benigni - “For me, Fellini was like a watermelon. It is there. A watermelon cannot die.”
 Roberto Benigni - “I would like to tell that I was really loved, with the simplicity, ... What is more simple than to tell to a little boy, 'This is not the truth, it is a game'”
 Roberto Benigni - “There is nothing has brought them to the world like cinema has, ... I'm grateful to the United States for the art of cinema.”
 Roberto Benigni - “I am overjoyed and extremely grateful to receive this extraordinary honor. These awards fill my heart with happiness, knowing that people throughout Europe have been touched by our film.”
 Roberto Benigni - “Fellini belongs to nature.”
 Roberto Benigni - “My mother brought me magicians and witches, because I was very ugly, really revolting. So she thought somebody had put a spell on me - this is the truth - so she made me drink some horrible terrifying potions, for year.”
 Roberto Benigni - “My father was a farmer and my mother was a farmer, but, my childhood was very good. I am very grateful for my childhood, because it was full of gladness and good humanity.”
 Roberto Benigni - “It's a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation.”
 Roberto Benigni - “This is a terrible mistake because I used up all my English”
 Roberto Benigni - “When I first saw a Fellini movie, I came out of the movie theatre and decided to become a lawyer I thought to myself, it's impossible to make something so beautiful”
 Roberto Benigni - “We live with this horror and are surrounded by this horror.”
 Roberto Benigni - “Kubrick is like someone like Fellini, like Kafka, like someone who really dreamt for us and gave to us the key to understand something and the pleasure to tell the story,”
 Roberto Benigni - “Culture confers dreams, and you don't touch dreams, ... Now they've cut our dreams.”
 Roberto Benigni - “I remember in the circus learning that the clown was the prince, the high prince. I always thought that the high prince was the lion or the magician, but the clown is the most important.”
 Roberto Benigni - “This is an homage to the master, because I love this movie, and, of course, making a movie -- a comedy about concentration camp, I watched this movie a lot of time,”
 Roberto Benigni - “They told me it's a very dangerous subject, but when you fall in love something, you must be brave, courageous, and, yes, I was scared, ... But because when you are in love or you are naked, you feel vulnerable.”
 Roberto Benigni - “In Italy, the country where fascism was born, we have a particular relation with the Holocaust, but as a turning point in history it belongs to everybody in the world. It is a part of humanity.”
 Roberto Benigni - “My duty is to try to reach beauty. Cinema is emotion. When you laugh you cry.”
 Roberto Benigni - “The first part of the story is very funny and very full of gags ... then the second part is not a comedy (and) is exactly a real tragedy. This, to me, was wonderful, the balance.”
 Roberto Benigni - “If you make a direct argument against the war, it bounces back at you, ... While certain modern works on wars go to the head or are powerful as documentaries, this I think goes to the heart... And that is more dangerous, stronger.”
 Roberto Benigni - “It's a real love story in an extreme situation, ... I was afraid of only one thing. I was afraid to offend the memory of survivors on Jewish people, which I respect so much.”