My Favorite Quotes
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 Marc Benioff - “We're trying to provide a platform for applications. We think that's the next level. We are trying to become the Windows of the internet.”
 Marc Benioff - “I never thought that's what Oracle would be doing today.”
 Marc Benioff - “Please note that most - but not all - Siebel employees are currently eligible for hire at salesforce.com today and that the recruiting department will screen for eligibility,”
 Marc Benioff - “Like some of our best ideas, trust.salesforce.com was inspired by our conversations with customers. We have a tradition of leading the on-demand revolution with breakthrough innovations, and we hope that trust.salesforce.com will take its place among some of our best new products.”
 Marc Benioff - “It's a big leap for us. We think it will show the world the next step for on-demand computing, just as we showed the world the first step.”
 Marc Benioff - “Benioff contends that this approach will eventually change the entire structure of his industry. Software over the Web -- commonly called on-demand -- accounted for less than 10 of the 46 billion in corporate software sold last year. But he says creating an open marketplace for on-demand software will help cause the decline of the big, complex, and expensive corporate applications sold by the likes of SAP ( SAP ) and Oracle Corp. ( ORCL ). It's a big leap for us, ... We think it will show the world the next step for on-demand computing, just as we showed the world the first step.”
 Marc Benioff - “We still have so much people don't understand,”
 Marc Benioff - “I went to the Big Island of Hawaii and sat in a house on a point by the ocean. I thought about some of the amazing things I had seen recently in the industry. Two of the most spectacular were the emergence of the browser 18 months before, and Amazon.com.”
 Marc Benioff - “What if there was an eBay of enterprise applications What if there was an iTunes music store of enterprise applications We call that the AppExchange,”
 Marc Benioff - “What if there was an eBay of applications, where companies could buy and sell software, running on our platform ... What if there was an iTunes Music Store of online applications”
 Marc Benioff - “We haven't seen any loss of customers from any service interruptions. A lot of the problems were around a new data centre, and we believe a lot of those issues are resolved.”
 Marc Benioff - “They have created a culture of acquisition instead of innovation. It's a lot easier just to write big checks than it is to innovate.”
 Marc Benioff - “When I was at Oracle, we watched Computer Associates buy all those mainframe software companies and milk them for their license revenue. I never thought that's what Oracle would be doing one day, and yet, here it is,”
 Marc Benioff - “Benioff called Microsoft a failure in CRM software, the market where the company competes with Salesforce. Microsoft's product requires every piece of Microsoft software there is ... I just think those days are over.”
 Marc Benioff - “We would be delighted to hear from any Siebel employee that would like to join our company that meets our rigorous standard for excellence and dedication to customer success,”
 Marc Benioff - “When we heard the news this morning, it was clear to me we're moving up to the next level. Consolidation in the client-server computing industry is opening the door for software on demand.”
 Marc Benioff - “The current business model is broken. We need to break through to reach ease of use.”
 Marc Benioff - “The era of the traditional software 'load, update and upgrade' business and technology model is over, ... It is time for 'The Business Web.' ... Just as mainframe companies struggled for relevance in the client-server era, Microsoft finds itself in a worse position today, facing not just the obsolescence of a technology model, but a business model as well.”
 Marc Benioff - “This is a fulfillment of our vision of 'The Business Web,' enabling companies of any size to manage, organize and share all of their business information on demand.”
 Marc Benioff - “We believe in the art of war. We are trying to get our competition to attack us with angry, virulent energy, so we can transform that into larger market share.”
 Marc Benioff - “There is no finish line when it comes to system reliability and availability, and our efforts to improve performance never cease. Our community of success demands the most reliable service that we can deliver, and our outstanding performance in March is evidence of our dedication to scaling ahead of their needs.”
 Marc Benioff - “We have competed against Microsoft in the CRM market since 2002 and they have failed to deliver a competitive product. They just cancelled version two of that legacy application and skipped ahead to three. In the meantime, we are on the 18th generation of our service. Customers are tired of waiting for Microsoft to innovate.”