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 Rafael Benitez - “We know we can win against them, but over a season the differences are more demanding. But compared to last season we now have a bigger and better squad and I believe we can manage the games in a different way.”
 Rafa Benitez - “It is hard to say whether Steven would have picked up his injury if he hadn't played so many games, you just don't know.”
 Rafa Benitez - “It's important for me to have these players back. We have a lot of important games coming up and the more players I have available for selection the better,”
 Rafa Benitez - “We lost a game we were controlling, we have to think about that. It was the last minute, so it was a disappointing day. It's always difficult to lose in the last minute. We know we have two games in hand, we know it's a long way and we have to keep going.”
 Rafael Benitez - “When you have a run of games where you keep winning and winning, you know it must end.”
 Rafael Benitez - “Suspending the players for two games and leaving them available for the final would be enough because it was not a serious incident.”
 Rafa Benitez - “It is true that he offered to give up the captaincy but I spoke to some players and our idea was the same -- that Stevie should be our captain.”
 Rafael Benitez - “I'm very proud of the staff and the players. For us it's important to give this result to our supporters.”
 Darren Benitez - “Would be nice even I can get it back, you know. Whoever get 'em please no questions ask, just give me 'em back if can.”
 Rafa Benitez - “We started really well with two goals and good counter-attacks. But, after we conceded, it was difficult. But the most important thing is to start with a win.”
 Rafa Benitez - “One of those goals clearly was not offside. I tried to show respect for the other team, but I was very disappointed with how the situation was controlled by the referee.”
 Rafa Benitez - “I think that we deserved to win. We had 21 shots, 17 corners, hit two crossbars and three (disallowed) goals.”
 Rafa Benitez - “I think that we deserved to win. We had 21 shots, 17 corners, hit two crossbars and three disallowed goals.”
 Rafael Benitez - “It's true we need to score more goals, because we are creating chances.”
 Rafael Benitez - “We could have scored a lot more goals, it was a good game for us,”
 Rafael Benitez - “We began really well and started controlling the game with good counter attacks and scored two quick goals. After that, we tried to keep the ball but it was difficult,”
 Rafael Benitez - “He has done a good job for us. For a striker it is really important to score goals and now I will have more options.”
 Rafael Benitez - “The strikers will score goals, because they have quality and they are working hard,”
 Rafael Benitez - “We played well, created chances and scored goals.”
 Rafael Benitez - “I am really happy because we played well, scored goals and could have won by a lot more than 3-1 in the end.”
 Rafael Benitez - “Sure, why not He is a good player and good players are always interesting to other clubs.”
 Rafael Benitez - “We have a good offer from Lyon and another from Aston Villa. We must analyze both and while we analyze he will be playing for us.”
 Rafael Benitez - “Chelsea are a very good team, they are very difficult to beat,”
 Rafa Benitez - “Chelsea are a good team but they can be beaten,”
 Rafael Benitez - “Our league season was not too good and theirs is the same this season. But we won the trophy when not doing well in England and I believe they can do the same.”

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