My Favorite Quotes
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 Alex Beram - “Elliot was really in a period where he was writing a lot ... feeling the inspiration. It was really hitting with us, feeling like he was pushing the next evolution of the band. The eight of us are a collective, but Elliot stepped up to the plate with a bunch of material that was really progressive.”
 Alex Beram - “There were some of our fans who really caught on in the early years and were really attached to that sound. It just took a little bit of time to sink in ... and a lot of those people are now digging it. We certainly have a lot of crossover appeal with our sound. But we're very much true to our art.”
 Alex Beram - “Coming from Tribulations, which had more of a rock sound, I think Kevin wanted to get back to more of a (roots reggae) sound. A lot of the early '60s and '70s Jamaican music based itself off the Motown sound, and that was the big thing for Kevin the vocal harmony and the composition.”