My Favorite Quotes
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 Tomas Berdych - “I suppose watching her going about her life is the greatest lesson I could learn,”
 Tomas Berdych - “I thought winning this would be the best perfect way to end the season and I made it.”
 Tomas Berdych - “I was really surprised ... I played a long time indoors and now it's completely different, so I am very happy to win my first match.”
 Tomas Berdych - “I don't know what my mindset is. I don't always understand what my motivations are,”
 Tomas Berdych - “It's my first time in the final of a big tournament. It's important to play my own tennis against Ivan. I don't know if there any special tactics to beat him.”
 Tomas Berdych - “Of course, that is what we play tennis for. Yes, I enjoy it, and I hope to beat some more great players.”
 Tomas Berdych - “The serve is one of my best shots, so I have to make my style of the tennis on the serve and then not to play long rallies like Rafael is doing. So I need to play something different than he's like, and I think I make it today.”
 Tomas Berdych - “I was surprised about the first two sets because Ivan played different tactics compared to the other two matches he played when he won. But I expected him to play better and even though three match points went I knew it wasn't the end.”
 Tomas Berdych - “I played quite good. But he is so good on clay. It's his best surface. If we play on another surface, a faster court, my chances are much better.”
 Tomas Berdych - “I don't like his style. He serves one, two, three serves hard, and then he serves one like he's throwing it with his hand. He hits unbelievable winner from nowhere on the court and then sometimes he just misses an easy point. You never know what he plays. You are absolutely out of tempo.”
 Tomas Berdych - “To beat Federer, you have to play more than 100 per cent, ... That was a big moment in my career and it was also good for the confidence because I know I can beat the top guys.”
 Tomas Berdych - “Today required a lot of concentration because it only took a mental lapse for one or two shots and the set's over with.”