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 Agnus Berenato - “This was probably our worst game this season. But DePaul is a very good team and they're the No. 3 seed for a reason.”
 Agnus Berenato - “We really struggled offensively. We didn't have a flow. Notre Dame did a good job.”
 Agnus Berenato - “There were probably a lot of people who thought we might not have made it this far, but we did. I feel like, even though we aren't in the championship game, that we exceeded expectations.”
 Agnus Berenato - “This is a year of firsts for this Pittsburgh team. Our motto has been all year, 'Why not Pitt' We came here to win. I talked to my team before the game and used reverse psychology by telling them Pitt had been to the Big East tournament before and Cincinnati, which is new to the conference this year, hadn't been here before. So they thought 'We' had been here before and they were right. 'We' as in 'Pitt' were before.”
 Agnus Berenato - “We didn't have a flow. I thought we really struggled offensively.”
 Agnus Berenato - “You know ... I feel like we didn't get the title, but that doesn't mean by any means that we're a failure or we have negative feelings. I think that we probably exceeded everybody's expectations. We got 22 wins. We tied for the most wins ever in the history of the program ...”
 Agnus Berenato - “I want the University of Pittsburgh to experience those things that Connecticut has experienced with conference championships and NCAA titles. We will be a winning program.”
 Agnus Berenato - “That was a huge victory for us, but we couldn't sustain it.”
 Agnus Berenato - “When they did that, their supporting cast was shell-shocked. I told my players to go out and think that the score was 0-0 when it was really 26-9. They closed the gap to 29-20 right before the half. That was a big victory for this young team. We just weren't able to sustain it.”
 Agnus Berenato - “These are my leaders right here. And I wouldn't trade them, they're wonderful. But, at the same time, you have to be able to be in a situation, and then you have to learn.”
 Agnus Berenato - “We always tell our ladies, you work hard, you bust your butt, you go through walls and it will happen for you. And it didn't happen for us.”
 Agnus Berenato - “They were better conditioned than us and are superior athletes. This game showed my players how hard you have to work to compete at this level. We are closing the gap, and I feel good about this team.”
 Agnus Berenato - “It was a war out there. You could tell that people were definitely playing for something.”
 Agnus Berenato - “We need more support like the men get, but you have to show them that you deserve it. But we have faithful people and they're bringing people with them.”
 Agnus Berenato - “We really thought we would be making history (last night). We wanted to be here saying we got Pittsburgh into the NCAA Tournament for the first time. This has been a magical season, and we aren't going to let not being selected to the NCAA Tournament take away from what we have accomplished this season, even though we really believed we would be invited.”
 Agnus Berenato - “We were the sixth seed and lost to the third seed. DePaul is one of the best 15 teams in the nation, and we aren't, but we are one of the best 64. I believe that will all my heart. If we don't get in, that will set me back years.”
 Agnus Berenato - “This is the second-best defensive team in the nation. You can't prepare for that. We can't practice that kind of heat.”
 Agnus Berenato - “We felt tonight like we would make history. We thought we deserved it and worked for it.”
 Agnus Berenato - “This is hard for me. We thought tonight we were going to make history.”
 Agnus Berenato - “This was huge win for us. I feel like any time a team can get to .500 in a conference as good as the Big East, then they should receive an NCAA Tournament bid. The worst we can finish is .500. In the preseason, people thought we wouldn't even make the conference tournament.”
 Agnus Berenato - “If you look at the shooting, the fact that we got 70 shots was amazing. I think that's a sign that they believed they could make the shot and a good majority of them went in and out.”
 Agnus Berenato - “I'm a big believer that you reap what you sow. I tell the team that all the time. I don't think luck just happens. I think people create their own good fortune.”
 Agnus Berenato - “The fact that we got 70 shots is amazing. That's being a little bit tight. That's what happens when you play a great team. Connecticut weathered the storm. They're a great team.”
 Agnus Berenato - “The fact that we got 70 shots is amazing. Our shots, a great majority of them, were in and out, literally. Thats being a little bit tight maybe, and that happens when you play against a great team. Im really proud of my team because I think we battled.”
 Agnus Berenato - “At this point in the season, there are no excuses. I told the team at halftime to focus on the task at hand. I had to tell them not to focus on the student section or the rest of the crowd.”

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