My Favorite Quotes
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 Ashley Berggren - “We made some good changes in the second half and we played more aggressive.”
 Ruth Berggren - “He was sitting on that boat that came back, leaning over the edge and vomiting, and my heart just breaks for him because I think he just feels terrible,”
 Ruth Berggren - “A single sniper or two snipers shouldn't have to shut down a hospital evacuation for two hours now,”
 Ashley Berggren - “She was dominating. We were having a hard time there limiting her touches.”
 Ashley Berggren - “Rifle seemed to play really well. They had different players step up at different times.”
 Ruth Berggren - “I came down with my patients all the way from the ninth floor including people with spinal fractures,”
 Ashley Berggren - “What was good about this was situation where I had players step up when I needed them to step up. Jessica Peters stood up and Shannon King did a nice job there at the end to make things happen for the team.”
 Ashley Berggren - “We've had no team chemistry. I figured the best way to start creating it was on defense, to force them to communicate.”